Monday, December 22, 2014

Quick note on trades

Interest in trading with me has experienced a resurgence, which is fun. I've done two very quick from-scratch deals since I started the "Anyone? Anyone?" feature, and I'm getting a lot of emails from people I'm just getting to know now, and lots of you wanna do deals, which I'll be happy to look into.

However, with it being December and there being holidays and with my life still being kind of a mess, it may take me longer than what I consider "usual" to get a look at your want/trade lists and/or to contact you all. I'm not blowing you off, I'm just swamped. Please bear with me as I finalize stuff with the folks who are ahead of you in line, and get slightly less discombulated. Thanks for your patience!

To tide you over, here's some fun stuff I just got from Daniel at It's Like Having My Own Card Shop, from one of those deals I mentioned in the beginning.

I should have a year-end wrap-up and a 2015 goals post up soon, too, so there's that.

Hope everyone's doing well, and has a good holiday (or non-holiday, if you believe in nothing, Lebowski).

Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Joy Of A Completed Set: 1971 Topps Baseball

I don't plan on making a habit of doing this.

OK, maybe if I finish a few of the larger, more impossible-to-complete sets, I might do this again. Maybe 1959, 1961, 1964, 1967 or 1972 Topps. I also really adore the simplicity of 2008 Upper Deck and the photography is gorgeous. Thing is, none of those sets, off the top of my head, would inspire me to scan and post the card backs of every single card, no matter how psyched Night Owl would be to read all the cartoons. In this case, I really like the backs of 1971 Topps cards, even with the abbreviated stats. So, I went for it.

"Going for it" in this case involved more than the 5 hours of loading Ultra Pro sheets and scanning 84 double-sided pages. It also took about 4 years' worth of steady chasing, after picking up a few cards here and there over the previous 31 or so years I'd been buying bubble gum cards. It actually didn't involve spending more than $20 for any single card (not more than $10 on most of it, but I've no way of reliably tracking that, as eBay doesn't make it easy for us to see all of our purchases anymore), but I also got a LOT of help from people. In particular, Stubby and Tim contributed mightily, and huge thanks go out to them.

Then there was the guy who I bought the shoebox from at the flea market, $50 for a shoebox lot which is normally kind of a big chunk of change, but it had the majority of the '75 Topps set (my reason for buying) and "a few '71s and '72s", which turned out to be a few '72 high numbers, and about 150 1971 6th and 7th series cards, if memory serves. There were over 90 of the 7th series, I know that much, and when I was through combining them with the few I had by that point, I think I needed 9 of the 7th series cards. So, yeah, that happened, too, and without it, I wouldn't have had a chance in hell of doing this. So, thank you, guy who sold me the shoebox, because that really helped, and in hindsight, as much as I love the '75 set, too, it's almost an afterthought in that deal, crazy as that probably sounds.

Did I consider building it before that happened? Well, I was talking to Bob a number of years ago about finishing the '72 set, when I naively thought I had "a lot" because at the time, I had maybe 70 cards (granted, the Clemente and the Cey/Oglivie rookies were both in there), and we talked about how heartbreakingly impossible both were because of the high series. '71 seemed even more out of reach than '72, because I hardly had any, and there were all these keys to worry about. Munson. Garvey. Ryan. Mays. Aaron. Clemente. Hell, at that point, I thought I'd be lucky if I got the Dock Ellis card! I can't say that the discussion didn't make me go "Hmmm, maybe someday...", though. And, as it turns out, "someday" was about a month ago, when the last few cards arrived.

I almost didn't live long enough to get the mail that day, because I got into a car accident earlier in the afternoon that I was very fortunate to walk away from, even if I "walked away" with a concussion. A Hummer H2 hit the driver's side of my car travelling about 35 mph, and breached my gas tank, so it still could've been so much worse. When I got home from being checked out at the hospital, I saw the package in my mailbox and kinda laughed about it, "Wow, I almost died without ever getting to put these cards in with the rest of the set", but it was pretty serious, and I'm still trying to track down another car that I can afford. Feeling better, though, so there's that.

If you're wondering which card was "the last card", there are a few answers to that. #575 Bill Freehan was the last one I purchased, but it arrived before the final 4 cards, which were #70 NL Pitching Leaders, #72 NL Strikeout Leaders, #264 Joe Morgan and #300 Brooks Robinson. I actually used Brooksie when I mentioned my goal of finishing this set in my 2014 Collecting Goals post at the end of last year, his card number is the highest, and I'm not gonna go with a leaders card or a Joe Morgan card with a weird picture (those action shots weren't all Thurman Munson) for the exclamation point at the end of this story, so we're gonna go with Brooks Robinson. That's what I told Bob yesterday when I went in to get the binder and the sheets the cards now reside in.

The set is far from ready for PSA submission. Some of it's in "just happy to be here" condition. I was pretty surprised at how good those aforementioned high numbers looked, though. For some reason, I didn't remember them being fairly sharp for their age and provenance. (OK, I'll stop before you all show up at my door with torches and pitchforks.)

Anyway, yeah, the cards. I'm going to absolutely pummel you all with the written content I've starved you of for most of the last year in one spot here, because I may comment on every page. I may not, but seriously, there's great stuff on just about every page of this album. At least the fronts. The backs, well, we may let them tell their own stories. We'll see how this goes. Thanks for bearing with me, and enjoy!

What a way to start a set! OK, the Orioles team isn't visually extraordinary at #1, but then you have that Dock Ellis card I was talking about. From there, we have our first Dick of the set! (Year Of Dicks note: as I was looking through all the '71s, it seemed like there were a LOT of Dicks in this set. We'll see.) We've got George Scott down in the corner preparing to kill something with that bat I forgetting something? Oh yeah. MUNSON. Dead center. Really, if the first card *wasn't* Dock Ellis, it should've been the Munson.

(Because this post is bogging down my site like whoa, I'm inserting a jump break after page one. I promise the whole set's visible after the jump. Cool with y'all? Cool.)

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

New Feature Starting Today: Anyone? Anyone?

I know I probably shouldn't be quoting Ben Stein given my political leanings, but yes, I'm naming my new, ongoing, not-showing-up-at-any-set-time feature after his most famous quote (of the things he said publicly, anyway).

Basically, I have something like 60,000 cards in my trade box (and probably a lot more that I could easily add to it; I haven't gone into the player collection boxes with much ruthless intent yet). So, it's time to do something with these things. I was going to wait until after the first of the year to start doing this (as so to line up with the 2015 Collecting Goals post I've got just about done), but I'm not doing very much at the moment, so let me get started on it now. The PSA 10 Jeter was sort of a "soft opening" on this, though it's probably the most MOJO! MOJO! thing you'll see here.

Here's how this is how this is gonna work:

From time to time, I'll post scans of cards or occasionally, if it's a big lot of cards, I'll write a list of the numbers involved. Sometimes, if it's a very big lot, I'll just count 'em out, take a picture of the stack of cards, and call it a day. (Nope, not writing another proper trade list. Not now, not ever. Too hard to keep up with at the volume I deal with.)

I'll mention if they're available for trade, or if I'd like cash (and if I mention cash, I'll give a price "or best offer").

If you're interested in something, email me and we'll take it from there. Nothing elaborate or confusing, these are just trade/for sale posts with a silly name.

When you contact me, let me know if you'd like to see a back scan, if you care what the serial number is on the card, things like that.

You can also "call dibs" in the comments, but for reliability's sake, make sure you email me first, because this stuff is all first-come, first-served, and I also don't want to lose track of anything you may be interested in.

As I burn through things, I will try my absolute best to make a note that they're gone, but I make no promises there. If you're curious, just ask.

First up are a lot of flagship Topps and Topps Update bronze parallels!

For clarification's sake, since there are dupes of a few of these, and in at least one case (Goldschmidt), I didn't put the dupes next to each other, if you're requesting something, PLEASE let me know what page of cards it's on, and what spot on the page it's in. For example: Page 1, Spot 7 is a 2009 Topps Corey Hart of some sort, so that's what you'd ask for. If by some bizarre chance you'd like all 76 of these cards, then you'd just ask for all 76 of the cards. Easy, yes?

Here we go!

Page 1:

Page 2:

'09 Brandon Phillips (Spot 7) is taken!

Page 3:

Page 4:

Page 5:

Page 6:

Page 7:

Page 8:

Page 9:

'12 Danny Duffy (Spot 1) is taken!

Page 10:

'14 Hyun-Jin Ryu (Spot 4) is taken!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

PSA 10 Jeter minor league card, anyone?

Yeah, it's available.

$200 or best offer.

(The only 10 on eBay right now is at $229 or so.)

No trade offers on this one, I have a car to replace, Christmas presents to buy, and all manner of other things to pay for.

Email me to make arrangements!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

This year...

It isn't over yet, but this year has been rough.

(We'll look at some '50 Bowman Bums I got recently while I'm talking about this, just to make it easier. This here's Jimmy Russell.)

I had all sorts of grandiose plans at the beginning of the year, both for this site (we'll get to those in a minute) and in general. Things were off to a decent start. I was posting here regularly. I was working on some things. I even won a Super Bowl pool for the second year in a row!

Then, things started happening.

I'm afraid to type out a list of every "major life event" that I or the people around me have been through this year, for fear that I'll slight someone. It's been rough in both my immediate circle of people, and in the world at large this year. In the grand scheme of things, I'm not sure if it was any more rough than it usually is for people, but I and the people around me certainly felt like it was. Lotta passings, both friends and family (I'm officially at "that age"). Lotta things going wrong. Lotta people struggling to find common ground. Lotta people just plain struggling. And, hey, it's only December 7th, so I really hope things quiet down at least a little (to the degree that they can around the winter holidays), we've got a few more weeks to go on this calendar year.

(Jack Banta.)

At the same time, I had a lot of fun when and where I could. I turned 40, and celebrated my birthday in pretty grand fashion at Barcade. I went to my first Lebowski Fest, and got to see the Muhammad Ali Center while I was in town. I went to the Asbury Park Comic Con. I saw a bunch of concerts. I made some new friends, and reconnected with old ones. I travelled a bunch, not always for the greatest of reasons, but I got to see parts of my country that were new to me, and experienced new things while I was in them. I caught a few ballgames. And, of course, I got some more bubble gum cards.

If I've seemed incommunicado, out of breath, or kinda scattered this year, either here, on Twitter or in our trade correspondence, it's just been one of those years. As I type this, I'm sitting in a room that's been a place I throw things in between running around all year, but I won't be doing much running around for a bit (I totalled my car in mid-November, and while I'm relatively OK and that's the important part, it's gonna take a minute to replace it even if I don't spend a cent on cards for a while...). I'm exhausted, trying to catch up, still actually dealing with some "major life event"-type things, and just kinda lookin' around like "WHA HAPPEN?!?!?!".

Just the same, life does go on until it don't, so I'm trying to keep at the things I enjoy. I'm cleaning up around here, and putting away cards I've gotten over the 2nd half of this year. I'm gonna be looking at the remainder of my in-progress trades this coming week, to see who needs what sent to them (though that, I've made pretty amazing progress on, considering that I really wasn't home for a lot of this year). I'm figuring out what directions to move forward in with my collection (right now, I have a lot of stuff and I'm trying to get too much more). And, I am also trying to enjoy what's in front of me.

(Bobby Morgan. All 3 of these '50 Bowmans, common Dodgers though they may be, came in one lot for a little over $7 shipped. How amazing is that?)

I'm already working on my actual '14 wrap-up piece, starting to figure out my '15 collecting goals, and past that? I'm hoping I have a minute to think or breathe sometime soon.

As for this year's pet project, The Year Of Dicks? No, I haven't forgotten about it. I just might've been a year early with it. We'll look at it at or around the first of the year, dig?

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Let's really put a push on here...(Updated 12/11/14)

As my in-progress trade queue is clearing out, I may actually be able to get other things done, finally.

Now, by "other things", I mean "finishing off some sets".

Here are 7 "flagship"-ish (Studio kinda stretches it, yeah) baseball sets I'm very close (25 cards or fewer) on. Cards I've got pending in deals will be written in bold text. 

12/11/14 Update:

13 sets down now! A few more are VERY close to being done! Thanks for the help! Added a few more sets I've gotten close on recently!

1992 Fleer Ultra (Have 574/600, yeah, I know, it's over 25):

30 Dick Schofield
44 Frank Thomas
92 Kent Hrbek
106 Hensley Meulens
110 Jose Canseco
112 Mike Gallego
123 Ken Griffey Jr.
125 Randy Johnson
146 Kelly Gruber
150 Greg Myers
159 Jeff Blauser
175 Mark Grace
179 Luis Salazar
187 Rob Dibble
191 Barry Larkin
204 Pete Harnisch
207 Al Osuna
223 Dennis Martinez
227 Daryl Boston
238 Anthony Young
249 Dale Murphy
253 Doug Drabek
269 Bryn Smith
280 Bruce Hurst
287 Will Clark
299 Checklist 101-200

1992 Score Pinnacle (Have 616/620):

124 Dale Murphy
584 Don Mattingly/Rod Carew Idols
591 Tony Gwynn/Willie Davis Idols
614 Rickey Henderson The Technician

2003 Topps (Have 707/720):

292 Chris Duncan
293 Franklin Gutierrez
294 Adam LaRoche
299 Sean Pierce
300 Andy Marte
310 Terry Tiffee
312 Ruddy Lugo
313 C.J. Wilson
317 Doug Waechter
318 Derell McCall
319 Scott Tyler
320 Craig Brazell
684 Mets Prospects (Aaron Heilman/Jose Reyes)

2004 Topps (Have 730/734):

298 Anthony Lerew
324 Yadier Molina
Series 1 Checklist 1
Series 1 Checklist 2

2006 Topps (Have 658/659, 2nd copy of the set):

500 Derek Jeter

2013 Topps Allen & Ginter (Have 341/350):

51 Jason Kipnis
307 Darwin Barney
309 Mat Latos
318 Eric Hosmer
327 Yogi Berra
330 Rickey Henderson
332 Cole Hamels
341 Ozzie Smith
345 Melky Cabrera

2010 Upper Deck (Have 574/600, yeah, I know, it's over 25):

4 Michael Brantley
41 Chris Young
56 Jordan Schafer
73 Nate McLouth
111 Derrek Lee
136 Freddy Garcia
145 Chris Dickerson
153 Micah Owings
162 Jeremy Sowers
241 David DeJesus
268 Joe Saunders
309 Matt Tolbert
317 Nick Blackburn
332 Brian Schneider
361 Adam Kennedy
375 Raul Ibanez
400 Zach Duke
420 Kevin Correia
478 Evan Longoria
510 Scott Downs
555 Dodgers Ballpark
560 Oakland Athletics Ballpark
569 Toronto Blue Jays Ballpark
578 Cleveland Indians Checklist
582 Houston Astros Checklist
586 Milwaukee Brewers Checklist
600 Washington Nationals Checklist

If you can help out with any of these, let me know, and we'll get started on a trade!

Sets completed since I started this:

1991 Donruss Studio
1992 Donruss Studio
1983 Fleer
1992 Leaf
1971 Topps
1974 Topps
1976 Topps
1977 Topps
1997 Topps
2005 Topps
2008 Topps
2010 Topps
1993 Upper Deck

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Yep, still alive!

It's like we're all coming out of hibernation. First dayf, now me.

I'm actually still dealing with a LOT of different things, and I'm actually heading to another state basically as soon as I'm done posting this (give or take sleep, if I decide to get any), but I'll take a minute to show you a few items I got in a trade with reader Jake that was about a year in the making, just because we both kept getting distracted. Worth the wait, though, I'd say!

There were a few 1970 Topps cards that I won't trouble you with (though I'm getting closer to being sub-100 cards to go on that set, which is just mindblowing, and there was a swell Frank Howard in the bunch which you'll just have to imagine), mostly because I put them away before I got around to scanning them. So, we'll skip ahead, or back, as it were, to 1952...

A well-loved Billy Loes card joins my Bums collection! 10 more cards to go on my '52 Bowman Brooklyn Dodgers team set! (I think that one's gonna take a while to finish, though.)

Now, we'll go WAY back. Here's my first '34 Goudey ever, and the only playing era card I have of Lou Gehrig's, if you wanna count '34 Goudeys as those, but the star of this card is Joe Stripp, also of the Brooklyn Dodgers! This card's been through hell, but despite that, it presents really well in person. Nice and bright, and the HUGE crease lines up perfectly with ol' Joe's right arm.

And last, but not least, we'll skip a year forward, to a 1935 Diamond Stars card, also my first from my set! This here's Sam Leslie, also of the Brooklyn Dodgers (and Joe Stripp's teammate). This card has been through hell, with an eraser having its way with it, paper loss, writing on it...and yet, it's beautiful!

Very cool to get pre-war and '50s stuff in any trade, and despite the long gestation time on this deal, Jake was a pleasure to deal with! Jake, if you're reading this, do you want me to throw my readers some contact info for you and/or your want list?

As I said above, I am heading to a place a couple hundred miles from my home (western Massachusetts, to be exact), but I am actually bringing a condensed version of my trade box with me (can't do much in the way of helping people set-build while I'm away, but I will have some key cards with me), so I can ideally finish up a few other long-in-the-works deals while I'm away, and maybe set up at a card show or two while I'm there (which should be, at least, for a good chunk of September). I'm pretty easy to reach on teh Twittahs or via the contact info in my sidebar, if you want to try and figure something out with me.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Round-Up For 05/11/14: Been a while!

Yes, I'm still alive!

For reals!

I'll even post a new card I got this weekend...


It's a goddamn Bake McBride autograph!

$5 at my local!

Truth of the matter is, I haven't been paying a ton of attention to new cards since Heritage, which I've completed the base set and a few of the insert sets from thanks to Stubby, and haven't been hitting the flea markets for the old ones.

I'm getting a factory set of '14 flagship this year, so that'll take care of that.

I got a few pretty uninteresting packs of '14 Bowman yesterday with my McBride...

(This was in there, though, 111/250, and it's up for trade.) I probably won't do Bowman, even with the big names in there this year. I've got an Elite Extra Abreu, so I'm more or less good there, and I'm pretty sure I have some WBC Tanaka or another.

I got a big Stubby package a while ago with the aforementioned Heritage, a few other goodies and some more of his customs in it, so there's that. (The highlights are in a pile on my desk that I haven't scanned or put away just yet. More than likely, I'll get to these soon.)

I liked Donruss, even if it was a bad design! My wants for that are on my want list.
Next two sets that are at all interesting to me are Archives (end of this month) and Pro Debut (beginning of next), but I'm travelling this summer, so I'm on something of a tight budget right now. We'll see what happens with those.

I did get package #1 of my 2013 Tribecards Giveaway haul on Friday. Here's the highlights!

Minor league Bernie I don't have? I'll take it!

This is so sharp, it almost has to be an upgrade over what I have, so I'll probably have one of these available for trade soon.

I'm actually trying to figure out how to do a card sale of some sort in the near future, because I have a LOT of stuff I don't have space for and don't need at this point. I'd be leaning toward sales rather than trades for the time being, because as I mentioned above, I'm strapped and I have travel plans (and other plans, which I'll get into below) in the works, but there's a LOT of stuff here that needs to be in your respective homes. Talk to me about that in the comments, especially if you have suggestions on how to handle huge amounts of interesting-enough-to-sell-individually singles without losing years of my life logging them all!

I know you're all waiting for me to get to the elephant in the room, so, here goes: The Year Of Dicks will continue! There should be a post pretty closely following this one. I thankfully had plenty of leeway in the year. There are about 210 Dicks with cards that I can acquire reasonably, plus I've got the option of making some customs. I've made one so far (and it'll be going up soon enough, the front of it, anyway), but I want to do the customs in '71 Topps and I am lacking a back template for '71 unless I find whatever archaic program Stubby's '71 template was made with. If anyone's got a pretty good '71 Topps card back template that they'd like to see me make some Dicks with, please get in touch!

Beyond that, I've mostly been out of my house for the past 3 months and focusing on other things when I've been home. I kind of have a lot of hobbies (I think most of us card folks have a few other hobbies that've been our primary hobbies at times), so I've been making the rounds of them. Let's actually step outside of cards for a minute and talk about those!

I went to the Asbury Park Comic Con last month, a great show run by some friends. Here are a few souvenirs from that...

Yes, that's Chris Claremont's signature on my Dark Phoenix Saga trade paperback. (I know, right?)

...and Tim Truman's ink on issue #1 of his criminally-underrated Guns Of The Dragon mini-series. If you have the means, pick this baby up. (It should be fairly inexpensive in either individual issue or, if they did one, trade paperback form.) Enemy Ace and Bat Lash on friggin' Dinosaur Island, y0! Tim actually signed all 4 issues for me, which was super-nice of him as he was gettin' mobbed by folks seeking signatures and working on a commission at the time.

Here's my Promethea #1, signed by J.H. Williams III! He's doing The Sandman: Overture with Neil Gaiman right now, he had a good run on Batwoman, obviously he did Promethea with Moore, and he even did the cover of the new Blondie record, "Ghosts Of Download" recently! One of the best artists working in or out of comics right now, and a great guy. My friend and I had a nice chat with him about Fields Of The Nephilim, as we're all fans of the band.

I got to meet Oily Comics magnate Charles Forsman, and pick up his new book "Celebrated Summer" from him. I actually found Charles and his work on my west coast trip of 2 springs ago, when I came across his "The End Of The Fucking World" series as it was in progress as Xeroxed mini-comics. That series is now being adapted into a television series in the UK, and there's a collected edition available from Fantagraphics if you want to check it out. It's one of the best things I've read in years. It was good to meet Charles, as we talk on Facetwittahs from time to time
...and he rather graciously did this two-color sketch inside the cover of "Celebrated Summer", too! Yep, that sketch in the circle, all him!

I also met the great Danny Hellman and had him sign a limited edition Screw Magazine cover he did (the late Al Goldstein had previously signed the interior, as only Al could...), but that, you're gonna have to ask me for pictures of privately.

So, that was just one day at one comic show.

What else have I been doing?

I've been to a bunch of shows. Since February, I've seen Skinny Puppy (always good; they may be heading back out on the road later this year), Godflesh (a dream to see them again, it'd been 20 years), David J. (of Bauhaus/Love And Rockets fame; the cat's got personality!), Berlin (another great show, and their new album "Animal" is very solid), and Nicole Atkins (twice). I absconded with the set list the second time I saw Nicole...

...and, if you want to watch the entire first show I saw of hers, look no further!

Yep, full 46 minute set. Nicole's been on the road promoting her great new album "Slow Phaser", and she'll be doing some dates with Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds this summer, too. One of the best people making music right now.

Here, screw it, watch her video for "Girl You Look Amazing", too!

I've got shows from Cheetah Chrome (of Dead Boys/Rocket From The Tombs fame), The Faint, Black Oak Arkansas (!!!!!!), the aforementioned Nick Cave/Nicole Atkins and St. Vincent on tap next, along with all the bands playing at Lebowskifest.

(Do you begin to see why I haven't been spending money on packs of Gypsy Queen? Now, to be fair, I bought a few singles, and I like one of the insert sets a bunch this year, but...nah.)

So, beyond going to see live music, I've been DJing a fair deal, too. I did a guest set at Synthicide in Brooklyn back in April, and I've been doing a bunch of DJing in and around Second Life, sometimes at my club there, Heck, and sometimes elsewhere. I'm sorta looking for a recurring gig (or at least a more frequent guest spot) in the New York metro area right now, so if you know of anything, email me. Oh, and if you want to hear a few of my sets, have at!

I'm also getting back to making music, as well, after a long mental health break. I've started work on an album called "Here's to every beautiful dreamer who got their ass kicked." (every album should start with a title, right?), which will hopefully be done soon. If you've never heard my older music, it's here. I'm still in the early stages on the new record: hashing out which songs I'm gonna develop, working on lyrics, getting in touch with old collaborators, looking for new ones, and testing equipment as I rebuild my studio, but this is a work that's very much in progress.

Finally, I'm working on a book. People, for whatever reason, have been telling me to write an autobiography for years, so I've already written it. You see, I've told pretty much every story I'd ever want to tell and a few that I don't want to tell in chatrooms or instant message windows over the past 2 decades, and I've got most of that logged. The trick is going to be going through tens of thousands of chat logs (I may have chat logs into the six figures) to find them all. I'm not even worried about a coherent narrative. I'm actually aiming for an incoherent narrative, because that's what any good conversation with me is like anyway. I just need to locate enough of them to fill a book. That gets kicked into high gear after the record's done, but I'm already doing some preliminary work on it.

So, that's what's been keeping me from posting cards featuring guys named Dick.

What've you been up to?

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Year Of Dicks, Day 49!

Wow, you guys. I left you Dickless for 17 days. Sorry about that. Life stuff, snow stuff, not much fun stuff. Let's get back to some Dick stuff!

Folks, let's welcome the late, great Dick "The Monster" Radatz to The Year Of Dicks!

As you can see, we're not actually using a card for Dick here, but rather a 1966 Topps Rub-Off, gifted to me from Bob! Very cool item, Bob kicked me a few of 'em including Dick recently, so thanks, Bob!

Now, back to Mr. Radatz (Dick to his friends, "Moose" to some other folks and "that monster" if you're Mickey Mantle, which is where the "Monster" nickname came from). Dick was a relief pitcher for 5 different teams during his big league career, most notably the Boston Red Sox. He was a two-time All-Star, two-time AL Fireman Of The Year and two-time Saves leader. After his time with Boston, he played for the Indians, White Sox and Tigers before wrapping up as an original Montreal Expo in the expansion year of 1969. He's a member of the Red Sox Hall of Fame, and was undoubtedly one of the best pre-"closer era" relief pitchers to play the game. Sadly, Dick passed away after an accident at home in 2005, but we salute him on this day as a tough competitor and a great Dick in baseball history!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Repost: 240 Yankee Stadium Legacy Cards For $120 Shipped!

Hey, remember these goddamn things?

Yep, still have 'em.

Had someone inquire about them over the weekend and they needed a list of what I have (amazingly, they're collecting the set of 6700-somethin' cards and didn't need a single one), so I made one.

27, 45, 80, 85, 87, 94, 124, 129, 142, 149, 153-154, 156, 174, 402, 628, 635, 653, 672, 678, 688, 697, 733, 858, 861, 869, 1011-1013, 1017, 1053, 1066, 1078, 1329, 1335-1336, 1347, 1356, 1361, 1363, 1367, 1767, 1932, 1965, 2052, 2054, 2088, 2259, 2264, 2284, 2323, 2325, 2332, 2342-2343, 2348, 2350, 2357, 2360, 2381, 2493, 2944, 2958, 2993, 3016, 3019, 3021, 3033, 3115, 3124, 3130, 3140, 3156, 3175, 3178, 3200, 3203, 3207, 3225, 3228, 3232, 3272, 3275, 3277-3278, 3300, 3316, 3318, 3325, 3350, 3360, 3363, 3369, 3385, 3471, 3524-3525, 3546, 3550, 3571, 3574-3575, 3596, 3599, 3600, 3619, 3624, 3644, 3646, 3690, 3834, 3851, 3895, 3924, 3930, 3973, 3978, 3980, 3994, 4005, 4067, 4078, 4144, 4170, 4195, 4202, 4354, 4398, 4412, 4422, 4425-4426, 4437, 4451, 4474, 4490, 4493, 4500-4501, 4515, 4551, 4558, 4583, 4608, 4628, 4691, 4707, 4716, 4757, 4764, 4775, 5126, 5129, 5151, 5176, 5180, 5188, 5213, 5230, 5238, 5254, 5257, 5469-5470, 5305, 5313, 5326, 5366-5367, 5369-5370, 5450, 5461, 5475, 5542-5543, 5565, 5590, 5600, 5615, 5625, 5640, 5643, 5651, 5681, 5687, 5688, 5925, 5948, 6045, 6094, 6099, 6116, 6119, 6125, 6130, 6140-6141, 6144, 6147, 6155, 6169, 6172, 6177, 6179-6180, 6182, 6194, 6205-6207, 6216, 6220, 6243, 6250-6251, 6275-6276, 6290, 6301, 6343, 6361, 6368, 6370, 6408, 6411, 6415, 6418, 6433, 6436, 6442-6443, 6450, 6548, 6655, 6661, 6674, 6687, 6690, 6703, 6710HM
Conditions should all be at least EX-NM, most in NM-MT. I can tell you that there are no Gehrigs, Ruths, DiMaggios, Munsons, Jeters or Riveras, but there are Berras, Mattinglys and Reggies among many others.

$120 shipped is a FIRM price. Will consider REALLY good trade offers (like, REALLY good), but this is one of those lots that I could use cash for in a big way.
Leave a comment here or drop an email to me if you're interested or have any questions. Also: if you know someone collecting YSL, PLEASE pass this info on to them. Thanks!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Open Support Thread For The PWE-Impaired (Like Me)

Yep, admission is the first step to recovery. I am awful at properly packaging and shipping small amounts of cards in plain white envelopes, or PWEs as the kids call them these days, and would love to see a robust comment thread pop up here where people talk about their techniques (max. number of cards/weight, what they use for packing material to protect the cards and stay under the USPS radar, ideal SASE folding techniques for through the mail autographs and so forth). This may be the most dry subject matter I've ever approached on this site, but there are probably others aside from myself who are kinda "stuck" on this, and I know there are some total PWE champions who read my site. So, if y'all would be generous with your various techniques, which I don't think are state secrets or anything, that'd be awesome.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

I'm getting way close on some '70s sets.

 '70, '72 and '73, I'm not quite there yet (132, 101 and 185 cards respectively), but I'm closing in on 4 Topps sets from the '70s right now: 1971 (unbelievable), 1974, 1976 and 1977. If I finish the last 3, I've got a run from '74-'94, which would've blown 12 year old me away. '71, I don't even know what he would've done about it. Anyway, here's the list right now.

1971 Topps (15):

70 NL Pitching Leaders
72 NL Strikeout Leaders
180 Al Kaline
202 NL Playoff Summary
233 Larry Bowa
264 Joe Morgan
287 Mike Fiore
300 Brooks Robinson
570 Jim Palmer
575 Bill Freehan
580 Tony Perez
588 Tom Bradley
592 Randy Hundley
603 Pirates Team
605 Orlando Cepeda

1974 Topps (26):

  4 Hank Aaron Special
  6 Hank Aaron Special
117 Ron Blomberg
188 Rudy Meoli
201 Batting Leaders
202 HR Leaders
203 RBI Leaders
207 Strikeout Leaders
220 Don Sutton
230 Tony Perez
243 Bob Oliver
276 Angels MGR/CO
333 All-Star 2B
337 All-Star CF
354 Cubs MGR/CO
363 Yankees Team
397 George Stone
423 Fred Stanley
473 WS Game 2
483 Braves Team
569 Rick Dempsey
611 Rich Stelmaszek
637 Checklist
NNO Red Sox Checklist
NNO Angels Checklist
NNO Expos Checklist

1976 Topps (18):

  1 Hank Aaron RB
 39 Pete Broberg
104 Reds Team/Sparky Anderson
148 Stan Thomas
156 Rico Carty
199 NL Wins Leaders
203 NL Strikeout Leaders
341 Lou Gehrig ATG
344 Honus Wagner ATG
346 Ty Cobb ATG
347 Ted Williams ATG
361 Tigers Team/Ralph Houk
384 Phillies Team/Danny Ozark
421 A’s Team/No Manager (Never noticed that before!)
443 Giants Team/No Manager (Never noticed that before either!)
556 Twins Team/Gene Mauch
606 Brewers Team/Alex Grammas
631 Braves Team/Dave Bristol

1977 Topps (13):

 70 Johnny Bench
 74 A’s Team
100 Joe Morgan
110 Steve Carlton
120 Rod Carew
152 Gaylord Perry
295 Gary Carter
309 Red Sox Team
425 Joe Torre
430 Fergie Jenkins
450 Pete Rose
523 Rollie Fingers
547 Willie McCovey

I'm not a huge condition nut, VG+, I'm pretty happy with. If you can help me put these away, that'd be awesome.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Kyle sent me a bunch of stuff!

I had a pair of '50 Bowman cards kickin' around, and Kyle from Nolan's Dugout offered to take them and a Bowman Chrome HARPAR off my hands a week or so back. He sent me some dynamite stuff in return, to the point where I ended up bombing him out with want list stuff that wasn't part of the original deal after it got here because I was late sending my package out and I've told you too much. Anyway, look at some friggin' awesome cards!

I scanned every '74 he sent me, but look at 'em! Morgan, McCovey, Rose, Gibson! Etchebarren! Clean checklists and great leaders cards! Buddy Harrelson posing for a shampoo ad! Great stuff! (Also, this will probably be the only day in this site's history when you see the '74 Topps Dick Lange card posted twice.)

He sent me way more '76s than I could scan (79 cards, a HUGE chunk out of my remaining wants), but I went with 2 pages' worth. Eck rookie off my list, finally! Pops, Fisk, Fingers, The Kid and Torre round out the HOF class here. Manny Sanguillen looks a lot badder than the lot of us combined, and Al Oliver looks badder than Manny does! Wilbur Wood looks surprisingly close for being in that Chisox uni. Lotsa guys look really stoned! Darrell Porter looks like he's trying to scare Gorman Thomas! Just terrific stuff!

He didn't just help me with '70s stuff, though. '93 Donruss is DONE! Even Junior looks impressed.

Rod Carew wore his headband under his batting helmet? Who knew? That's pretty awesome. Kyle helped out a bunch with '83 Fleer...

This cat's always good to check off a checklist.

He took out the bulk of my '81 Fleer set wants, including a pair of Petes...

Hey, remember this guy? Sorry, but we can't use you for our other project. Come back in '15 when we do The Year Of Cocks!

He also took out a good chunk of my '10 Upper Deck wants, including Mo! Mo looks like he's thinking "I dunno...can you see the full logo?" in the '96 Topps-ish inset photo.

And, lastly, there were some other odds and ends. A few '10 Topps Chromes which none of you need to see. The last card I needed for '90 Donruss MVP, which none of you need to see. A few other inserts, including the grudge match of the century, within '89 Fleer All-Stars (which Kyle also finished for me)...seriously, Greenwell looks like he's gonna stone cold beat Jose for stealin' his MVP, as soon as he figures out where to get an 18 wheeler to do it with.

All in all, a great trade with Kyle, so thanks! Here's hoping that you enjoy the stuff I sent to you as much as I enjoyed mine!

The Year Of Dicks, Day 31!

We've made it through a month of Dicks, and 16 total Dicks as of this next one! Thanks to Kyle, we've got a Dick for Day 31! Here he is...

Dick's something of a man of mystery. He played for the Angels for 4 years in the '70s, but his Wikipedia entry is the most sparse of any Dick I've looked at so far. Given my proximity to a bunch of people who were actually around for '70s baseball, I've heard almost nothing about the guy over the years. Even his B-R Bullpen page, which I went with above, was pretty light on insight. He's still with us, out there somewhere...probably takin' er easy for all us sinners, watching over us...

Thursday, January 30, 2014

2014 Topps First Day (that's lasted 3 days) Wrap-Up

Well, it's out.

And it even has a Kolten Wong.

I actually debated whether or not I was going to buy packs of '14, because the set design's pretty uninspiring and because I think I'm buying a factory set in July, but I had a fairly rough couple of days and was driving home past Target on Monday night, so I grabbed a few packs and a rack pack. That actually may be all I get from Series One, in terms of packs. They're not terrible, but they're not great either, and I just think my money's better spent by not opening packs and not chasing insert sets (especially this year's, which are really lacking). That said, here's some of how I did...

Don't they use this picture of Altuve on every card of him? Oh, no, wait, they Photoshopped Trout into it because they think that's the only way people will care. Poor Astros fans. Not because of their team, but because of the way Topps treats them.

Finally! Glad I pulled one, even if I am getting a set. This is one of my favorites from the set so far, and it tells a story: the reason Billy Hamilton wasn't in '13 Update is because he was running too fast to be photographed before the print date! See?

The card Mo's fans were simultaneously waiting for and dreading. Glad I pulled this, too. There's also a really nice retirement card of Todd Helton in the set (which I don't have yet), whose farewell tour really got overshadowed by Mo's and, well, you know...

Worst. Throwback. Uniforms. Ever.

One last card of McCann on teh Barves for dayf to cry in his beer over. Topps just couldn't help themselves here, going for a play at the plate before they're OUTLAWED, and of course having Captain Old School do it. They kinda should've gone horizontal with the card, though. Like a few of the vertical cards with action (Wong, Altuve), it's pretty cramped.


I'm glad I got to see this kid pitch in person before he got Strasburged. He wasn't GREAT (of course, Wainwright has a way of making good pitchers not look quite as good), but he was pretty good. Here's hopin' he bounces back OK in '15!


Wait, there was a non-base card in there. You mean you wanna see those?


No, seriously. Someone at 1 Whitehall Street got paid to come up with "BOOGYA!". I mean, it's not uncommon for people in that part of lower Manhattan to be paid to come up with complete nonsense that's offensive to the sensibilities of, well, everyone, but...


Anyway, moving on to the next affront...

Elapsed time from re-introduction of Topps minis to Topps totally screwing them up: 2 years. Seriously, these things are terrible. What're you smilin' about, Trouty? (Yes, this card is available for trade. Please, get it out of here.)

Waiter! I need a Darryl Strawberry card to cleanse the palate from that last card! Darryl aside, the inserts in this set are really boring.

Seriously, '99 Topps called, it wants its insert sets back. (This card is also available for trade. Ugh.)





Actually, I can't decide how I feel about GREEN SAMARDZIJA. I either love the border color or I hate it. It's hard to love alternate border colors when 1. there are so many of them and 2. you and I will never, ever complete a set of them. (As for the other 3 border colors, Gose is mine, Belt 30/99 is up for grabs and Ryu is already promised to Night Owl.)

So, that was my PUIGLESS MONDAY, or Retail Day One, which I still think is some unfair bullshit to be pulling on the hobby stores, but like I said, I'd had a rough day on Monday so even with a trade package in the mail from Kyle D. of Nolan's Dugout that I'll get into in one of my next few posts (spoiler: his cards were better than these cards), I still needed a pick-me-up and didn't want to be all "ANTI-CAPITALISTA!".

Today (well, technically yesterday now because I've been scanning cards for an hour), I hit my local to catch up with Bob and see how Series One was workin' out for them. I did see a regular hit a Ricky Nolasco auto and a relic of someone, forget who, on consecutive jumbo packs, so there was that, and I picked up a few more cards, too (actually, a bunch more if you count all the non-'14 Topps cards, but I'm too tired to start scanning Islanders and it'll dork up the theme of this here post).

What's wrong with you, Topps? Don Mattingly was always great! Well, at least until he hurt his back, then it was kinda like The Passion Of The Donnie. He was great in this picture, though! I mean, look at that mustache!

Still don't like the design or the foil, but hey, Henry Aaron!

One of my other favorites from Series One. Look at that uniform!


Actually, I paid $.30 plus tax for this card. As I said on Twitter earlier, "What a difference a year makes".

So, that's Series One. Like I said, unless someone decides to dump mass quantities of the base set on me (which I'm not looking for), I'm probably just gonna grab a factory set in July to be done with it (and after that, I'll trade off the base cards I have), and spend my money and trade bait on other cards (Heritage, Donruss if I'm feeling weird, eventually Archives/Ginter/Finest/etc.) or other stuff that isn't cards (You guys, BARRY GIBB IS TOURING!). The base set design's ho-hum. There are a few nice cards within the base set but it's a real step down from '13, even. The inserts are pretty crap looking. And, of course, I'm just not in it for the mojo (and honestly, that's kind of the deal with the inserts; Topps seems to have pulled a Panini and designed all the inserts for auto/relic purposes). It leaves me even colder than expected, and I wasn't expecting much. Your mileage may vary, but that's where I'm at on this.