Tuesday, November 22, 2016

No, really, you guys, I have a lot of cards that I would like to unload!

(No, vinyl and Micromoog not included. Yes, people have asked already.)

Yes, this is my "doubles box". You've seen it before in other posts, photographed from other angles and such. There's probably somewhere between 50,000-60,000 cards pictured.

(That cardboard box to the right of the vinyl has probably another 5000-6000 cards in it, too.)

I would like it all gone at some point, and in a perfect world, that point would be "before the end of 2016". Shy of throwing some away, giving it away or selling it for way, way less than reasonable resale value, that's gonna take some doing.

That's where you come in.

If you're looking to do some trading, reach out to me. I plan on doing a lot of this in the month of December. I'm gonna start with folks who I've had open trades with for the past 2 years (there are somewhere between 5-10 trade conversations that've been derailed numerous times since 2014), but I'm willing to talk to anyone. If you collect a player, a team, a specific sport, non-sports stuff, whatever, run it by me, and I may have something for you.

I'll tell you flat out that cash will get you further than trade goods will, because for one, I haven't been able to think too much about what cards I want this month, given the state of the world (a subject for another time and place, and we'll leave it at that), and for two, I can always use cash. However, if you have stuff that'd be fairly easily resellable, but you don't wanna be bothered selling it for whatever reason, I'm more than happy to do quantity for quality as well. It doesn't necessarily have to be stuff I'll be adding to my collection that I want you to trade me. It just has to be stuff that turns this into either a much smaller stack of cards, or no cards at all.

As much fun as Trade Bait Drafts are, they're a lot of bookkeeping for a relatively small removal of goods from my house. So we're going to do things in more of an "anything goes" kinda way. Looking for something? Try me. Email me, comment on this post, or chase me down on Twitter (Please use my hobby-related account instead of my general one; it'll keep things saner.)

Look forward to hearin' from y'all!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Jose Fernandez

This is my best card of Jose Fernandez. It's a 2014 Topps Archives Deckle Edge mini, card #JF, if you're looking for a copy for your own collection.

When I went through what I had, to find something to share with you all today, this was the one that affected me the most, in both good and bad ways. It is very much him, by every account that I've seen, heard or read about. That smile. The warmth that came across even in black and white. Still looking like a damn kid.

I've collected his cards since he got to the bigs, but I still don't have a lot of Jose's cards. Despite really enjoying him as a player, and having him as the anchor of my fantasy team's pitching staff for nearly his entire career (I foolishly dropped him for career starts 5 and 6, after he lost starts 3 and 4; I was very lucky to get him back before start number 7, and kept him for the rest of his career, including the entirety of his recovery from Tommy John surgery), I haven't found many people looking to trade his cards, and I haven't found enough time to hunt for them, either.

There never really is enough time, is there?

My deepest condolences go out to all of Jose Fernandez's loved ones and fans.

He'll be missed, and he will not be forgotten.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

1993 Fleer Flair

As part of a deal I got from a flea market guy I met yesterday, I got the entire 1993 Fleer Flair set in a binder. I'd been working on it fairly steadily for most of the past decade and had only recently gotten to the halfway mark on completion, so this was a very welcome development. (Also: I have a bunch of Flair for trade now, if anyone's in the market.)

The first Flair set, to me anyway, was the best. Even with the double picture/Glamour Shots thing happening on the cards, they were refreshingly minimalist. Great card stock, like the gloss, like the soft focus on the photography, just a set I really enjoy.

I went through the binder just now, and scanned ten of my favorites, so let's look at 'em.

Night Owl has talked about Alex Cole and his eyewear choices before, but this is a card he didn't get to in that piece. This picture has him in great shades, giving a terrific 'The FUCK you lookin' at?" look.

Bernie's been known to wear some glasses, himself. Bernie is much cooler than Alex Cole, though. 

As is Bo. I mean, look at that facial expression in the inset! Also: look at him about to destroy the living hell out of a baseball. I mean, look at the physique on the guy. How could he not?

Stuff had already gotten kinda weird for Doc by the time Flair came out, but he still had that great smile. He really should've been baseball's Jordan, maybe even moreso than Bo because Bo had another sport to be Jordan in along with baseball. Cocaine's bad stuff, y'all.


The Zen Of Mark Lemke. The inset picture looks like parody or revenge. I don't think it's both, but one can never tell nowadays. 

Lou Whitaker was impossibly slick.

Pedro really did come into the league fully-formed, didn't he? I mean, the numbers might not have been '99 Pedro right away, but the swagger sure was. For the longest time, especially after the Zimmer fight (which I still think could've been handled better), I hated this guy, but I've softened a fair deal, dating to a great, if bittersweet moment when he was on the Phils, near the very end of his career. It was Game 2 of the '09 World Series, when he got taken out of the game. He was visibly disappointed that he couldn't keep the Phils in it, and being that it could've been his last time on a ball field as a player (he did come back and pitch Game 6, but he didn't know that'd happen at the time), it was obviously a pretty emotional moment for him. However, as he was walking off the field, OF COURSE the Yankee Stadium crowd let him have it with all they had, because he was Pedro Martinez and they were Yankee fans. Something about it got to him, and he cracked up laughing. At that moment, he became a lot more relatable to me, something other than some invincible, evil ballbuster from hell, like the guy pictured above.

That swing.

My word.

Rickey really was unbelievably graceful to watch. I kinda fell out with Rickey for a while, probably just residuals from the stolen base record fanfare, but I've actually come around to where I've started collecting him again, because I've thought about how much entertainment and joy he brought me aside from that one moment when his ego got the best of him (and, let's be honest, his ego usually had and apparently still has the best of him, but there was one moment above all others) Frankly, it was quite a bit of fun that he brought to my life. I mean, relating directly to cards, my first big "pull" in a pack of cards was his rookie card, in the first pack I ever bought.

Craig Calcaterra has been writing a lot, for a while, about how people take baseball entirely too seriously, and how these various transgressions like displays of ego (and given what the world's seen since Rickey picked up the base and the ballgame stopped, his was a minor transgression, but still one that rubbed me the wrong way at the time without any prodding, because I was trying to watch a ballgame there, and he interrupted it) and steroid use and whatever else don't or at least shouldn't retroactively erase whatever happiness or excitement you felt while watching a game, before you saw or heard about what can't be unseen, and I'm sorta trying to make some peace with that where I can. There's always gonna be some stuff that's just beyond the pale (Chad Curtis, who I used to enjoy watching play baseball, comes to mind), but in a world filled with very imperfect humans and a litany of bullshit, it may enable me to hang onto some joy here and there. I'm trying to apply it to all forms of entertainment, really, because there sure are some mixed up, occasionally lousy, but still very talented people to go around outside of baseball, too.

Hey, luck of the draw, next card in the pile after Rickey would be the guy who threw his 7th no-hitter on the day Rickey Picked Up The Base, with no fanfare to speak of after the game, who became everybody's hero because he Played The Game The Whit...er...Right Way. I have a lot more love these days for Rickey than Nolan, mostly because Nolan hangs out with warmongers in his free time. I'm still glad I got to see Ryan play some (on TV, never in person), regardless. This is a great looking card, too. Nice use of photography within the parameters of the design.

This ended up being about more than 1993 Flair cards, but it was a good exercise, I think. Let's do it again soon.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Oh, and one more thing (Kris Bryant Alert)

This belongs to Stubby, not me.

It is available for sale.

If you're interested, I'll put you in touch with Stubby, who can also answer any other questions you may have about it.

$300 or best offer (subject to Stubby's approval) gets it.

Serious inquiries only.

Check Out My Cards That I Haven't Sent To COMC (yet)

Hi there! So, I've been working on a submission to COMC for like a month now (an act that's completely independent of any talk of Trade Bait Draft IV), have it ready, but between shipping and submission fees, I gotta tell you, folks, it ain't cheap (though the rewards are definitely there, if you've got the right stuff). So, I'm going to punt the ball for another month on this, and in the meantime, here are scans of everything, all 140 cards, I was gonna send to them, with some additional info on the cards. If you are interested in any of it, email me, and we'll talk pricing. I unfortunately don't have time to individually price everything (and some stuff, there's no recent active pricing online for in the first place), and I also don't want to scare people off or lock people into pricing on what I am reasonably flexible on, especially if you want a lot of it.

I will tell you I am primarily looking for cash right now. If you blow me away (white whale kinda stuff like autos, top 25 cards, vintage Brooklyn Dodgers, Topps Ringsides, etc.), I may consider trade offers on this stuff, but I've relocated in the past year and I have a bunch of bills I didn't always have, which was the impetus behind trying to unload these cards in a targeted way in the first place.

There will be notes on certain items at the bottom of their corresponding pages (serial numbered stuff will have its serial number, etc.). Apologies for the half-assed way these are scanned, but these pages were scanned just for visual recall of what I was planning on sending to COMC, not really for this purpose. If you'd like a better scan of any item here, please ask! Also, on the Ginter minis that are backs-up, I did that so I'd know they were A&G backs, since really, the fronts of those cards aren't as important to this for inventory purposes. Again, if you need scans of anything, ask.

Anyway, without further ado, here's the stuff!

 2005 Heritage Chrome Matt DeSalvo 1285/1956

2007 Heritage Chrome Roger Clemens 1588/1958
2008 Heritage Chrome Edinson Volquez 0756/1959
2014 Heritage Chrome Ryan Zimmerman 0435/999
2016 Heritage Chrome Addison Russell 031/999

2013 Topps Silver Frame Luis Ayala 04/10
2013 Topps Silver Frame Casey Kotchman 06/10
2012 Bowman Sterling Gold Leonys Martin 34/50
2012 Bowman Sterling Chris Archer 159/199

2008 Donruss Elite Throwback Threads Andrew Cashner Relic 043/500
2011 Bowman All-Star Futures Game Nolan Arenado Relic Green 19/25
2014 Topps Pro Debut Michael Ynoa Debut Duds Relic 25/25
2002 SP Authentic Dustin Pedroia Team USA 0993/1999
2016 Topps Foil Brett Lawrie 02/50
2016 Topps Foil Edward Mujica 1417/2016
2009 Topps Update Gold Joe Mauer All-Star 1339/2009
2009 Topps Update Gold Dustin Pedroia All-Star 1106/2009
2009 Topps Update Gold Elijah Dukes 1488/2009

2011 Topps Update Gold Rick Ankiel 0064/2011
2012 Topps Gold Mike Stanton 0832/2012
2015 Topps Gold Brad Ziegler 0506/2015
2015 Topps Gold Will Smith 0391/2015
2015 Topps Gold Kristopher Negron 0522/2015
2015 Topps Gold Christian Colon 1170/2015

2008 Topps Opening Day Frank Thomas 1736/2199
2008 Topps Opening Day B.J. Upton 1779/2199
2003 Fleer Platinum Jason Kendall 090/100
2012 Donruss Elite Extra Edition Aspirations Matt Purke Die Cut 141/200

2009 Bowman Chrome Refractor Jeremy Farrell 253/599
2009 Bowman Chrome X-Fractor Andrew Rundle 028/299
2009 Bowman Chrome X-Fractor Carlos Martinez 169/250
2009 Bowman Gold Refractor Kyeong Kang 02/50
2010 Bowman Chrome Refractor Melky Mesa 492/777
2011 Bowman Chrome Purple Refractor Jake Marisnick 719/799
2003 Upper Deck MVP Gold Scott Rolen 012/125
2003 Upper Deck MVP Gold Paul Lo Duca 049/125
2015 Topps Archives 1983 Grey Border Chase Utley 097/199

2011 Topps Heritage Minor League Blue Tint Austin Ross 419/620
2011 Topps Heritage Minor League Blue Tint Kevin Kiermaier 379/620
2011 Topps Heritage Minor League Blue Tint Jerry Sullivan 041/620
2011 Topps Heritage Minor League Blue Tint Luis Heredia 152/620
2011 Topps Heritage Minor League Red Tint Max Kepler 452/620
2011 Topps Heritage Minor League Red Tint Stetson Allie 555/620
2008 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Rich Harden 001/350
2011 Playoff Contenders Logan Verrett Draft Ticket 30/49

2009 SP Authentic John Danks 09/19
2013 Panini USA Baseball Champions Sonny Gray Die-Cut 14/199
2012 Topps Finest Orange Refractor Evan Longoria 61/99
2013 Topps Opening Day Blue Jemile Weeks 0658/2013
2011 Topps Heritage Minors Green Autograph Joe Wieland 4/10
2011 Topps Gold Jayson Werth 30/50
2011 Topps Hope Diamond Robinson Cano 36/60
2011 Topps Chrome Blue Alex Cobb 83/99
2011 Topps Chrome Diamondfractor Jose Bautista 195/225

2012 Topps Chrome Red Dan Uggla 03/25
2014 Topps Black Elvis Andrus 20/63
2015 Topps Chrome Red Brandon Finnegan 5/5
2010 Topps Pro Debut Blue Stephen Fife 215/259
2011 Topps Pro Debut Gold Yasser Gomez 08/50
2011 Topps Pro Debut Blue Kyle Waldrop 266/309
2013 Topps Pro Debut Gold Taylor Guerrieri 42/50
2013 Topps Pro Debut Gold Nicholas Martinez 14/50
2014 Topps Pro Debut Gold Thomas Coyle 49/50

 2011 Panini Elite Extra Franchise Futures Autograph Michael Kelly 339/340
2007/2008 O-Pee-Chee Premier Hockey Borje Salming 239/299
2007/2008 O-Pee-Chee Premier Hockey Niklas Lidstrom 09/25

2010 Topps Football Rookie Premiere Autograph Jordan Shipley 61/90
2006 Press Pass Football Roddy White Relic 113/300
2012 Topps Football Camo Stephen Hill 073/399
2009 Bowman Chrome Football X-Fractor Shonn Greene 147/250
2010 Topps Gold Football Dez Bryant 1930/2010
2010 Topps Gold Football Tony Romo 0954/2010
2011 Topps Gold Football Julio Jones 0841/2011
2001 Topps Heritage Chrome Football Jeff Garcia 246/556

2006 Topps Heritage Chrome Football Anquan Boldin 480/552
2006 Topps Heritage Chrome Football Antonio Gates 460/552

Again, email me if you're interested in any of this, to talk pricing, potential trades (definitely leaning more toward cash), if you need better scans, have any questions, and so forth.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Saturday's Finds: Read This Post If You Like Cecil Fielder

I hit a sale yesterday morning, and came away with something that probably wouldn't be considered a great collection by your average collector, but certainly kept me busy for a while.

Yes, that 1600 count box says "(DETROIT TIGERS) CECIL FIELDER CARDS ONLY". While the statement wasn't 100% true (there were a very small handful of non-Fielders in there, and a reasonable amount of Blue Jays Fielders, not to mention the Hanshin Tigers Broder on the outside of the box), it was pretty close.

So, what do the contents of a box like this look like?

When I first started sorting, it looked kinda like this. When I finished sorting, though, it looked like this...

The stack on the left is one of every Fielder card I didn't have, all 121 of them.

The stack on the right is one of every Fielder card I did have, all 86 of them.

And this next picture? This is of the duplicates, in chronological order, by company.

 I finally did it, you guys.

I Bipped myself.

I mean, I bought a big box of cards that said it had nothing in it but Cecil Fielder cards, so there wasn't the element of surprised involved in a good Bipping, but at the same time, when you're looking at the prospect of 1600 Fielder cards in 2016, who believes that it's really going to be what it says on the tin?
Thinking about it now, I may need to make that first split 122/85, since I don't know off-hand (the Topps base/Traded are upstairs right now) if I have the wax pack variation of the '90 Topps Traded in my collection, and might just have the factory set one.

If by some chance you've never seen the difference, 10 years plus into all of us yammering about cards online and over a quarter century after the card(s) came out, here...

Top one: 1990 Traded from retail packs.

Bottom one: 1990 Traded from factory Traded Set, complete with card stock Topps should've started using full-time in 1983!

So, if you've read this far, you may be curious as to how I was missing upwards of 122 of these Cecil Fielder cards, given that the pictures displayed above were largely of flagship base cards from some of the most overproduced card sets of all time, many of which I own in complete form. Well, they weren't all '88 Donruss, thankfully.

Here are some of the highlights!

 The Hanshin card is dope. I had to cut the penny sleeve it was in off the box I got these in.

Also: center card is my first 1990s Canadian Post!

I just realized I have the multicolored Fielders out of order.

Dig that unidentified unlicensed Fielder in the 2nd row.

I like the Star rush job in the bottom row, too.

I had no idea the Iooss Collection stuff was 10K print run until last night. In '93 Upper Deck, those are some long odds!

Love the U.S. Playing Card stuff. I'm eventually going to be a fool and chase it some.


Some more Classics and variants in this batch.

A few Baseball Cards Magazine specials in there (one more in the last batch, but it was oversized, so I didn't put them all together). Also: I have never seen one of those Donruss Grand Slammer cards before yesterday.

 I love how hologram cards scan.

A couple of non-cards in that last batch, but cool ones!

Amazingly, even with the pictures of the base cards strewn all over my dining room table, I haven't shown you all every Fielder card I got. There were no autos or relics (also no rookie cards of any kind, which means either the previous owner had 'em stashed somewhere else, got out while they were still worth something, or got in too late to get them), and no 1991 Donruss Elites (someone on Twitter had asked yesterday), but it's a remarkable assortment of cards from a pretty small time period (the collection seems to have been abandoned when Fielder got traded to the Yankees, at which point the collector got on the Braves bandwagon), and was a lot of fun to go through, even if I truly and totally did Bip myself.

Oddly enough, with the 17 or so cards I had already outside of sets (my player collections are generally sorted as follows: "any card of a player that isn't part of another set or in the relic/auto binder"), I now have more Cecil Fielder cards in my player collection boxes than I do Bernie Williams cards by a decent margin (10% or so), and I've been collecting Bernie's cards on purpose for as long as he's been playing. (Entering yesterday, Bernie was my biggest player collection, with Ichiro not too far behind. Wade Boggs, Vladimir Guerrero, and my kinda dormant Randy Johnson collection round out the top 5.)

I guess this means I need to get more Bernie Williams cards to make up the difference!

(Thing I hate about that is that I don't have my player collection stuff checklisted. I go near-entirely on visual recall when going through boxes or lots of cards when I'm buying or trading for a player collection, which is likely maddening for people who are trying to trade with me, but also probably keeps me from getting into too much trouble. I have thoughts from time to time about scanning everything in the notable player collections and making PDFs that I can flip through on the iPad for this purpose, but I've got a lot of projects higher on the list of priorities than that.)

I think I am gonna keep the Fielder collection together, though, at least the singles anyway. It's a fun bunch of stuff, and I have fond memories of ol' Cecil (if occasionally inappropriate ones, as I was a ballbusting teenager/twentysomething during most of his career).

If you collect Cecil's cards, hit me up. I probably have something you need in that big box of cards, as there were doubles of a lot of what was in there, even some of the harder-to-get and weirder stuff.

Oh, and just so no one accuses me of burying the lede in that first picture...

After picking out a few hundred cards I needed for sets, player collections and whatnot, this is what's left of the Barves box. It's actually decent enough stuff, lotta late '90s-early '00s stuff, Pacific, premium sets, etc., so some of you Barves collectors, particularly those who weren't buying cards through those years, may wanna get ahold of me before it gets mixed in with the for-sale stuff.

On the other hand, the less said about the contents of this box, give or take a few Spud Webb cards, the better.

One last question for the group, before I go:

Do any of you collect vintage milk caps, or know anyone who does? There were...a few...of these in the box with the cards. Let me know.