Sunday, July 24, 2016

Player Collection Stuff For Sale/Trade

See this picture?

As of right now, these are the boxes that comprise my star cards/player collections.

(That stack with Rusney on top is stuff I still have to file.)

These are all cards that are not part of sets I'm collecting, and not a relic or autograph, though there are a fair number of serial numbered cards in here.

There's entirely too much stuff in these boxes.

I'm not about to get rid of the cards of players I *really* like (Bernie Williams, Buehrle, Ichiro, Vlad, etc.; the list is in my sidebar), but there are a lot of cards in here of a lot of players I'm not all that into that I'd be able to part with fairly easily. After all, there's almost no players represented here that aren't in sets I'm building, or in my auto/relic binder that I need to show you all soon. (I think I might be a little light on Brian Cole in the sets, but he's about it.)

So, your mission, should you choose to accept it: in the comments here, first-come, first-served, name players you seriously collect, and tell me whether you'd be willing to trade for cards by them, pay cash for them, or both. My preference right now, gotta be honest, is cash, so trades will have to wow me. My prices are gonna be fairly reasonable, though, because I have a LOT of cards to move (again, this is just stuff I'm looking at right now in my own private stash, and has nothing to do with any possible group breaks, trade bait drafts, COMC sales, etc. coming up over the next few months, though I'll be happy to check the other 50,000 or so cards in the other room for the players you name, too).

We're going to use this as a starting point for Project: Scott's Selling A Shit-Ton Of Cards.

Start your engines, name your players of choice (if someone beats you to a name, name it anyway, and you'll be next in line if they pass), and let's get something started!

Monday, July 4, 2016

Been a minute since I updated this...

Topps Flagship Base Sets, 1952-present:

1950s: 244/2950 (8.3% complete)
1960s: 1153/5986 (19.3% complete)
1970s: 6778/7035 (96.3% complete)
1980s: 7788/7788 (100% complete)
1990s: 6083/6554 (92.8% complete)
2000s: 6532/6822 (95.7% complete)
2010s: 3856/4702 (82.0% complete)

Total: 32434/41837 (77.5% complete)

Topps Traded/Update Sets, 1974-present:

1970s: 88/88 (100% complete)
1980s: 1064/1188 (89.6% complete)
1990s: 608/954 (63.5% complete)
2000s: 1235/2827 (43.7% complete)
2010s: 1339/2050 (65.3% complete)

Total: 4334/7107 (61.0% complete)

Total of all cards combined: 36768/48944 (75.1% complete)

More info here.

A few things jump out at me, looking at these numbers:

1. I'm 257 cards away from finishing the 1970s. They're all pretty brutal (only 16 of those cards are in the first 400 of the 1970, 1972 and 1973 checklists), but still, only 257 away. It was 259, but I picked off 2 more (1970 Reggie Jackson and Rod Carew All-Stars in well-loved shape) yesterday.

2. I'm closing in on 20% completion of the 1960s. I know it's kind of a big deal that I finished '71 and '74-'79, but how the hell did I get anywhere near 200 cards (closing in on 300 with '68) on any 1960s Topps set? I mean, I'm in triple digits on '65-'69 now. That's just crazy.

3. I still only have 9 '55 Topps cards, only Topps flagship set that I'm less than 10 cards on now.

4. Topps really has made Update impossible to complete without buying boxes (plural) of it.

5. I have a lot of goddamn baseball cards, especially for someone who'd have no money even if he didn't spend it on baseball cards.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Sorting Cards Sucks, Butthead!: A Request

So, yes, I'm still working on the next Trade Bait Draft, or whatever replaces or supplements it (Group breaks? Other ridiculousness?), but it's kinda hard getting things in order, because, well...

...this is what I'm working with.

(Forgive the state of the house in the background. We're still unpacking.)

It's surprisingly mostly in some sort of order, but there are a few boxes that need to be merged, etc., so it's not entirely in order.

But, yeah, that's probably somewhere between 30,000-40,000 cards, lots of which are well above common.

When one is hunting through this sort of stash for things to sell or trade with people, a general direction is good to have, and right now, I got nothin'.

Stuff that's in these boxes:

all 4 major U.S. sports, mostly baseball, but there's two 5000 count boxes that are entirely football, and most of another 5000 counter that's entirely basketball.

I've got non-sports (Mars Attacks Heritage, Rock Cards, some mid-'90s Magic: The Gathering that isn't worth much but might be fun in someone's deck and a weird mix after that) and some of the other not-as-big-in-the-States sports or "sports" (soccer, boxing, pro wrestling, and probably some Olympic stuff) stuff in here, too.

On the baseball, I think it ranges from '57-present right now. I've got a lot of '66 (mostly beaters, no really high numbers), '68 (slightly better condition, some decent stuff but obviously no Nolan Ryan rookies), scattered other years through '73, and a ton of '74-present Topps (some years thicker than others). I've got a bunch of '81-'82 Fleer and the usual crap moving past those, a decent chunk of '81 Donruss, then ditto. Whole bunches of inserts, premium late '90s stuff, some autos and relics, numbered stuff, a nice selection of last-ten-years Topps rookies (Arrieta, Altuve, Donaldson, etc.), there's some fun stuff.

On football, I've got '54-'55 Bowman, then '59-present Topps, scattered small amounts until you hit the mid-'70s, then usually handfuls, then a few hundred '84s (Marino, Elway, and some of the stars included), then it varies by year. Once you get past the Topps monopoly, I've got some interestin' inserts and whatnot. Some autos and relics. Some rookies of note from the last decade (though I just sold my one Brady rookie at my last yard sale). An extra 2001 Topps Heritage base set (no SPs). There's some stuff.

Basketball is mostly post-Topps monopoly, lotta junk, but a few interesting things. I've only got I think one '86-'87 Fleer (might be Isiah Thomas), but I've got some Upper Deck and Hoops from the past few years (I do have an Upper Deck Steph Curry rookie that was sitting in my commons box for a while and was even out for sale for a dime a few times, but I'm thinking of hanging onto it). There's a handful of autos, relics, inserts, not many Jordans (they're all in my stash, I think I have '96-'97 Topps Series 1 complete.

Hockey, not a lot, but I did just get in a stack of probably about 100 '71-'72 O-Pee-Chee beaters. There's a little vintage, a decent chunk of '90s junk, some overflow from my Islander collection, a few hundred last-ten-years cards (OPC, etc.), some Getzlafs that Greg Zakwin didn't need, that sorta jazz.

So, talk to me. Are there players you collect? Are you a team collector? Do you like shiny things? Are you building sets? Do you enjoy poor old baseball cards? What should I be showcasing for y'all?

Most people are in the $20-25 price range on what they're able to get in on. For stuff that can be hand-picked from boxes like these, what do you think is a fair price/amount of cards?

I welcome your answers!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

A reminder, since I think I may have buried the lede last time: new Twitter info!

I have a new Twitter account for all my card-related (and other hobby-related, but we mostly talk cards right here) conversation:


Y'see, I also have this new site that I'm slowly working on getting off the ground, and also, as I'm sure you've noticed, if you're reading my old Twitter and doing so *just* for my card stuff, that can be kinda tough. It's tough for me to read about our world there, and then turn around saying "OK WHO'S ON TOPPS BUNT?" while the goddamned plane is crashing into the mountain. Just a lot of disconnect there that I can't parse comfortably anymore.

So, separating "me" from "hobbies me".

Aiming to do all card talk at the new Twitter address by the end of this year, with your cooperation.
Follow me and come find me there!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Return Of The Trade Bait Draft?

This is what my "doubles box" looks like these days. It's somewhere around 50,000 cards, give or take a few. I had to stand on a chair to get this good of a picture of it. There's some decent stuff in it, too. See that block of '68s up top? That's a recent find. I've had a few good recent finds that were too affordable to pass up, even with me needing to save a bit as I get established in a new home.

So, of course, I could also use some dough.

Do you see where this is headed?

Back in the days of yore (or as the kids called it, 2013), I hosted three trade bait drafts on this site. Here's how it worked back then: for $20 shipped, each person who entered got to pick 20 cards from a huge list of cards (I think I had over 1000 cards listed in the last one), either live on Google Hangouts, or by pre-picking via email. These events were inspired by Spastik Mooss of The Great Sports Name Hall of Fame, who did a few of his own similar events.

Now, the cost of things has jumped a bit in the past few years, as we all know. In addition, I have more, and in some cases better stuff than I used to. So, I'm not sure whether 20 cards for $20 shipped still takes care of my needs, or whether I could keep things interesting for that price. It's possible that what wouldn't be interesting to me around that level would totally be interesting to someone else, but it's hard to say.

Also, because I've been sorta quiet the past year or so, I'm not sure if I've got enough of an audience to generate interest here, though I'd of course like to. 

So, I've got a few questions:

1. Did you guys have enough fun doing the Trade Bait Drafts, or reading about them, to have interest in doing another one?

2. If you are interested in one of these events, what's the sweet spot for you in terms of both entry price and number of cards?

3.What types of cards would you wanna see in this, if you were to enter? I've got all 4 major sports, some side sports, some non-sports. There's vintage, there's fairly new stuff, there's stuff in between. There isn't a lot of huge group breaky MOJO MOJO MOJO crap in my stash, but I've got some autos, some relics, some key rookies and so forth. I've got oddballs, flagship, and all points in between.

4. If the Trade Bait Draft format just doesn't work for you for whatever reason, are you all interested in a fairly massive card sale in this space, and if so, what kinda stuff should I list first?

All answers to these questions are helpful, though no, I really don't have much desire to deal with eBay, COMC, Beckett, etc. at the moment, as it's not as immediate, direct, or economical as selling stuff here would be, so those suggestions probably aren't gonna bear fruit, if you were thinking of making them.

Let me know how you folks wanna do this, and let's get started!

Friday, April 29, 2016

...And Back To Digital: A Big-Ass Trade/Want List Post!

Here goes nothin'! I'm @SCOTTCRAWFORD on all of the Topps apps. You can either make an offer there, make me an offer here in the comments, or email me. I am not opposed to trading my digital stuff for physical cards or cash, if you are into that sorta thing, but I'm putting my digital card wants up here first, as a (perhaps messed up) priority.


Mark Buehrle Diamond 1/1 (if it even got issued; only Buehrle I'm missing right now)

From The Vault: Lasorda, Franco, Green, Winfield, Buhner, Niekro, Garciaparra, Griffey, Salmon, Williams, Bagwell, Damon, Gagne, Murphy, Posada, Wilhelm, Eckersley, Martinez


Cole, Bryant, Davis

2016 red and green base I need

Otherwise, we're going with cards I need of players I'm collecting right now:

Bernie Williams, Vladimir Guerrero, Ichiro Suzuki, Bryce Harper, Jose Altuve, Reggie Jackson, Wade Boggs, Hank Aaron, Eric Davis, Roger Maris, Todd Frazier, Max Scherzer, Justin Morneau, Adam Dunn, Dwight Gooden, Darryl Strawberry, Yoenis Cespedes, Orlando Hernandez, Stephen Strasburg, Josh Hamilton

Star Wars:

Red Classic Comics: #5, #17, #20 award card

2015 crimson base variants: Camie, Chief Chirpa, IG-88, Jan Dodonna, Jango Fett, Mace Windu, Magnaguard, Nexu, Pre Vizsla, R5-D4, Savage Opress, Sly Moore, Wuher

Build-a-ships: anything complete above grey

And that's pretty much it.

Now, the trade stuffs, behind a cut because otherwise, this post will be crazy big!

Oh, and some other stuff, too.

As some of you know, I collect a bunch of other things aside from bubble gum cards. I don't wanna bog down a pure card site with all of those, but I also didn't want to create another site that talks about my hobbies without mentioning cards. So, without further ado...I present my new web site, I need new hobbies.

I have not started posting full-time there yet (let's face it, I've been behind on posts here for a long while, too) but I will begin doing so very, very soon.

If you're wondering what's gonna happen to this site, which I've had a ton of fun with and made some great friendships through (as well as some great trades, but the friendships come first), it's still gonna exist for now. What I'm gonna do for now is post maybe every second or third card post I make to I need new hobbies. I already have a full archive of this site loaded into there, so at least the best of these posts will make their way over there eventually. (We probably don't need a strong historical record of "Hey, I need these 2011 Topps cards" posts, unless the comment threads on those are really good.) If this ambitious migration project of mine actually does work, then in a year or two, this site will probably just point toward I need new hobbies., but for now, everything's remaining fairly stable. I'd recommend adding I need new hobbies. to your RSS feeds, etc. if you'd like to keep up, and for those worried about redundancy, I'm not cross-posting new articles, so you won't see two of my "OMG I JUST GOT A MOOKIE WILSON" posts unless you just wanna open those posts in 2 different browser tabs for the hell of it.

If you don't love the idea of having to read about other things like records and comic books and so forth along with my card posts, I'll still tag things, so you can probably just follow the card posts. I'd strongly recommend a more well-rounded approach to your reading, though! I mean, come on, pretty much every one of you that I talk to has *some* other collection along with the card habit.
 I've also created @INeedNewHobbies on Twitter. Some of you have already gotten follows from me, but if not, shoot me a follow and I'll likely be in touch. There's a great reason for me to separate the hobby stuff from my main @scottcrawford account that'll probably thrill a few of you, and maybe bum out a few others (but really, it's just a matter of following 2 accounts instead of 1 here if you want to see everything). There's stuff I post on my main Twitter that has nothing to do with my hobbies, and is pretty polarizing, having to do with current events, my sociopolitical beliefs, etc., and I've felt for ages that it looked tacky to post about "I got this card" in the middle of discussion about the decline of civilization, and it's also kinda rough on those of you who just want to talk about the fun stuff without getting hit with the dogma. I have the ability to separate these two things, so I'm going to try doing it.
So, that's it. Hopefully this will be a smooth transition, and something I stick to. For those following me over to the new spots, thank you, I look forward to continuing these conversations with you. For those who are pretty new to all of this, welcome aboard, and my apologies in advance for all that you may endure here!

Hey, I got actual physical cards, too!

Yes, I live!

We're gradually establishing normalcy at the new house, so I've got some time to post about things, and I've also had time for 2 flea market trips so far!

Those of you who follow me on Twitter already saw pics from my first trip, which was a pretty good one, but if you didn't, here goes...

Let's start with the wide-angle shot of the first week's haul. From left to right, there's an album of '68 Topps cards that I got for a song, a cube of junk wax, an assortment of beater '50s cards ('59 Jerry Casale, no relation, I don't think; a couple of '52 Topps, '53 Topps Dutch Leonard, a couple of '53 Bowman Colors including Joe Garagiola, and '57 Topps Randy Jackson, an incomplete-but-not-that-badly-incomplete '99 Topps set ($2, so it was worth it if only for the factory box), a couple of Marvel Spotlights with Son Of Satan in 'em (needed 'em both), and another card album, not as inspiring as the '68 album, but with a nice "obviously came from one of those card collecting starter sets" assortment of TCMA stuff in it.

A better look at the '68 binder, which was in order. Guy had doubles behind the individual cards (thankfully pretty loose sheets). The cards also skewed in favor of the two highest series, which was nice. You can see Al Kaline on this front sheet, but here's a better look...

Here's the other big highlight, aside from Salty...

Was *very* happy to get this one. Didn't even notice it in there in my first 2 passes through the book, at the market.

Here's what everything looked like, once freed from the binder. Stack on the left were singles (186 checked off of my checklist), and the ones on the right are all dupes. Once I'm a little better situated, that's plenty of trade bait right there.

Here's a better look at those '50s beaters. The Randy Jackson is a dupe (Owl?), but unsurprisingly, I needed the rest. Weird, but neat to find a playing-era Joe Garagiola in the wild the week of his passing.

Here's the whole mess of TCMAs. Bottom left corner are TCMA the 1930's cards, the first of which I've ever seen in person. The Gene Hermanski and Bud Harrelson cards are from the 5th Annual National, which was held in Parsippany, NJ in 1984.

You know you wanted to see the '88 Topps I pulled out of these lots.

This past weekend didn't yield much, but I did fish these out of a dime box I found. All duplicates, but I couldn't see leaving good cards like these sitting in a box in the dirt where they'd get manhandled further.

Still, '16 flea market season is off to a decent start.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

MOAR JPEGS PLZ, er, "my continuing adventures in digital cards".

I swear, I'll be writing about physical cards again soon. I should have some '16 Topps flagship in my hands by the end of the day Wednesday, I've got a trade package going out this week, and I'll eventually scan some cards from my last 2 card store trips (still haven't figured out where I'm hooking up the scanner, y'see). In the meantime, let's have a look at what I've been up to.

I've built some space ships. To do this, if you're unfamiliar: you need to get Schematic cards and Resource cards. Then, you have to go to the "Smuggler's Den" section of the Star Wars Card Trader app, and merge Schematics and Resources into these fancy cards. It is a real pain in the ass, even for these basic grey versions of the ships (like all things on Topps Digital, there's an entire rainbow of versions of these, which each color becoming increasingly more difficult; as someone who doesn't spend money on the apps, I can't imagine how much you'd have to spend to get the parallels of these). I'm still working on finding a Republic Gunship and a Tie Fighter grey Schematic, so get ahold of me if you have spares.

I've been at this for a while, but I'm working on finishing up the last few red Classic Comics inserts. I need #s 5, 15, 17 and the #20 award card for the set.

Speaking of award cards, Star Wars Series 3 and The Force Awakens Series 1 came out. I've finished white base on both, and I'm slogging through blue base now. I'll probably go up to at least red over time (with Series 1 and 2, I did white, blue, red and yellow variants, because it got slow around here before the house took over...), but I don't know if I'll do more. There are already a bunch of different chase colors that are ridiculously limited, and SWCT fans are nuts (imagine that), so I've no interest in fighting them too hard for anything I pretty casually collect.

Moving onto Bunt...

I traded one of these...

...for one of these:

300 count card for a 140 count card? I'll take that. (Pro tip: if you pull a card that's part of an active chase that you're not involved in, and you're pretty sure the rest of the set will remain that way, trade it for something that people have already collected or missed rewards for, or "dead" cards. You can generally do better that way.) It's so much, too, and it's of a human being I actually like! I wouldn't mind getting more 2015/2016 Cannons (mostly Puig, Jay Bruce and the Cespedes award card), but they're pretty low-count, so they're tough for me to come up with the resources to score them. And then there's this monster, which I'll have to give up a kidney to get for myself...

There are only 5 different Vlad cards in Bunt at the moment, none higher than 300 count. This one's 140 count, it's older than the Ichiro I posted above, so there aren't as many in active circulation, and it's really awesome, so it is a TOUGH card to get your hands (not really) on. It's at the top of my Bunt want list.

And then there was this fiasco...

Topps released a fairly complete (586 out of 792) "tribute" set for 1986 flagship. Now, there are a few things that made this a mess. First off, while I know they had a lot of subjects to scan, the picture quality was uneven. Second, there was almost no reason whatsoever for them to have used the "frame" around the cards (yeah, they've done other '86s in flashback series and such, but it'd be pretty easy to differentiate those). And third? Well, they put them out as inserts, tough to pull in the cheap packs, and in boxes that were about $75 a pop for guaranteed '86 cards (as I didn't open any, of course, I'm still not sure how many you got per box), but for whatever their reasons, they inundated the high roller VIP program Bunt users with free boxes that they may not have been able to refuse, and that also may have eaten up part of their free box perks for the month without their say in whether or not those perks were used for '86s. I may not have all the facts 100% correct (and I'll correct them if people have more info, absolutely), as I'm going with a composite of public complaints from disgruntled VIP users on the Bunt app message boards for my information, but I think this is pretty close to what happened. So, you had people who had 40 or more copies of cards that had total production runs of about 1200, and were dumping them for virtually any card you threw at them. Base cards, ones they didn't need, even, just to get the things out of there and try and recoup in some way.

As a result of this mess, for shits and giggles, I managed to put together a complete base set of 560 cards, and the 26 card boxloader set, which contained partial Record Breaker, All-Star and Turn Back The Clock sets, and to date, the one and only Bunt card of this fella...

...without buying any boxes, spending a cent of my own cash, or even pulling a single '86 card from the few '86 packs I did open with my free credits. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only person who managed this, and I guarantee that someone, somewhere ain't happy about it, but that's life, and sometimes in brave new frontiers, people screw up. Me, I'm just happy that I can look at late-career Sixto Lezcano & Johnnie LeMaster cards on my iPad, though, as the set was incomplete, I'm kinda cheesed off that they couldn't make a digital Teddy Higuera card happen.

I also got a bunch more Buehrles, bringing me within two cards of having all of his Bunt cards. This one is a 1/1, so I doubt I'm getting it from whoever its VIP owner is...

(I mean, I'll totally take it if it's for trade, but I doubt I have the trade bait across 5 different apps to nail down a 1/1.)

...but this slightly more attainable 200 count card, I feel like I have a chance at. Just need to find someone holding it who isn't a Jays fan or a Buehrle fan. I've got the White Sox variant, same count, from this insert set, but not the Jays one. Get in touch if you're looking to unload!

I've had pretty great luck with this subset, too. I pulled 2 of the Robin Ventura card in about 5 packs on the first night, and while I wasn't directly able to trade for the far-more-desirable Darryl Strawberry card, I traded one of the Robins for this...

(Yes, this was actually my first "sig", or "autographed" card. If you think the idea that facsimile autographs on JPEGs (and, in the case of relic cards, JPEGs of pictures of fabric that may or may not actually be from a player's uniform) can make people pay a lot of money for a virtual card is ridiculous, you are my people. I don't collect them for this reason, though I'd probably relent if I got a card of someone I collect offered to me as a throw-in in a bigger deal.)

...and, in what would probably make some people cringe because I did probably take a hit in cash value here (because again, people do sell these things), I traded it for Darryl.

Then, I traded a handful of the Topps Kick inserts I posted in my trade bait post for the Eddie Murray, which was a happy transaction for me, since I had no attachment to the Kick stuff.

Today, as I was waiting for them to announce that Eric Davis would be in a set of southern Californian baseball legends (as he should be; he was a great player, if more snake-bitten than Griffey, and he and Darryl Strawberry started playing against each other in Little League), they did not, but they busted out Graig Nettles, so the extra Robin Ventura I'd been holding onto would have to either go toward Puff, or I'd have to pull something else out of a pack to trade for Eric Davis. Thankfully, I managed to snag a Zeile card in about 4 packs flat (my luck on these is stunning to me, because these cards are coming in at around 140-160 a piece, some of the best pulls I've had in terms of card count; my best ever low-count pull was a LaTroy Hawkins Playoff Hunt that came in at 58 total units, but, well, it was LaTroy Hawkins...), and it was quick work to trade it for Nettles.

So, hopefully tomorrow afternoon, Eric Davis is announced as part of the set without incident, and without any other really interesting company, and I can swap Robin Ventura for him without much trouble.

Finally, I mentioned 5 apps, where Topps only has 4 card apps to date...

T-Bone here is part of Kitten Cards, the first and I believe the only all-cat digital trading card app. I just found out about this one last night. With free credits and cross-trading doing pretty well, there's no reason not to be in on this. Also: CATS.

One more before I go. Remember how I said my Bernie Williams collection was lacking a bit? Well, I did get this...

It's something!

I am @SCOTTCRAWFORD on all of the Topps apps and scottcrawford on Kitten Cards. Come find me and let's trade some stuff!