Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Finally, I scan some stuff and write a thing or two.

Took me forever to get around to going through cards, lugging them to the computer where the scanner resides and scanning them, but I did it. (Now, to figure out how to turn off auto-crop on my scanner program so I can get usable scans of things that aren't in screwdowns!) To start things off, I'm just going to post a few recent acquisitions with my comments.

How could a man pass on an Albert Belle Sweet Spot card? It actually took me a few attempts on eBay to get this one, but I'm happy that I have it. Belle didn't do a lot of official signings for card companies, I don't think, and while he's a complicated, some would say troubled guy, he was also the last guy you wanted to see at the plate if your team was facing him, for the near-entirety of his career. I find myself in this strange position of missing Albert Belle now that I've got the benefit of hindsight, and I think he got royally screwed by the BBWAA when it came to the Hall Of Fame.

Ladies and Dobermanns, I present to you an awesome, signed in ball point pen '62 Topps Don Mossi card! (Last time a ballplayer signed a card in ball point for me was Henry Aaron in '86!) Sent this one out to him a month ago, and he returned it signed in about 2 weeks! Thanks, Don! Very cool piece from a guy who should get way more attention for his pitching prowess (he's got a reliever's perfect game, 27 outs in a row to his credit, and he had a few very solid years as a starter after making a name for himself as a dependable bullpen guy to boot!) than he does for his dashing good looks.

Speaking of good lookin' fellers...
Here's another through-the-mail score, a '90 Topps Don Zimmer (it was either I send Zim this, or run the chance of never seeing my '55 or '56 Topps Zimmers again; for some reason, I'm really short on his cards...), signed and returned within about a week! Now, there's some talk among the autograph seeker community about how Don might not be signing all the stuff that he gets in the mail, and some Google Images research turned up two distinct, recent Zim signatures in bunches (the one pictured above is the one you don't see in the Steiner-type mass signings, which looks hurried and abbreviated, and is closer to his early signatures), but I'll say this: if I have Mrs. Don Zimmer's autograph, that may be even more awesome! Thanks for the signature and for the awesome, Mr. and Mrs. Zimmer!
Like I said, I'll be posting more as I have time (and especially once I make my scanner call me "daddy" on the auto-crop front), but I did scan a bunch of cards, and I've got things figured out a few posts ahead. In the meantime, what kinda stuff have y'all picked up recently?

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