Friday, October 22, 2010

Damn you, Topps!

I've been working on 2010 Heritage all season long, and then you go and pull this on me at 

Stephen Strasburg, #422/999 if you're nasty.

Yep, it was a giveaway, limited to 999 cards, only available at the convention if you were on line early in the day and bought 10 packs of Topps cards (not Opening Day or Attax) at their booth. So, of course, it's going for fairly stupid money on eBay. However, given that I've put so much effort into this set, even without going nuts on high numbers (yet), and given that my set would forever feel incomplete if I didn't have this card in it, even if Strasburg never pitches another game in the bigs, I had to be an idjit and go for the first reasonably-priced (relatively speaking) one that came up.

So, while I beat them this time and have my Topps Heritage card of Doc Andrews' favorite new patient, I'll say it again:


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