Thursday, October 7, 2010

Great Pulls In Scott Crawford History, Volume II: Hockey Night!

As hockey season starts tonight (God help us), I figured I'd jumpstart this new series by also showing you a card I got in my first pack of hockey cards.

 Not too bad, eh? Yes, of course I scratched off the puck to see his name! 
Interestingly, I only opened a few packs of hockey cards as a kid and only finally accepted the sport's love into my heart last season (Go Isles!), but I did open some '81-'82 Topps Hockey too, and, well...

I'm of the mind that hockey may be the only sport where the cards are actually even cooler than the sport. I got into hockey in large part because the cards were too cool not to get. The fact that being a part of hockey fandom is kind of like being in a secret society, like the Masons or something, helps as well, but really, hockey cards both old and new are awesome. Eventually, I'll post some more and show you what I'm talking about, but for today, enjoy The Great One.

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