Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Roy Halladay collection is actually pretty sad...

Unfortunately, I really don't have that much of Doc's stuff. It's not for lack of interest, as I love the guy, but the opportunities just haven't arisen when I've had cash to burn. No rookie cards, no autos, no relics (I gave the one I had to a much bigger Doc fan than myself a few years ago) and I can't even remember if any of the 2010 cards I have of his have him on the Phillies. Whew, he did have the uniform on (virtually, anyway) in the 2010 Topps Heritage set, so I've got one:

(Apologies to This Looks Shopped for totally ganking their scan to save myself a trip downstairs.)

Anyway, congrats to Doc for what he did yesterday, and thanks to him, too, as he threw the first no-hitter I've ever gotten to watch live in its entirety. I've seen others after the fact (Gooden and the 8 innings of Larsen that we have, and I've got a backlog of others to watch), and I heard part of Wells' perfecto live on the radio (I knew he was going all the way very early in the game, but circumstances didn't allow me to hear it all). If you didn't see the game yesterday and you have an opportunity to, either via rebroadcast, DVD or some other illicit means, I highly recommend it, just so you can get a look at how helpless the Reds were against him, and so you can yell at Jerry Crawford (no relation) for Jay Bruce's walk.

I actually know a guy who had an unused spare ticket for the game yesterday. *sob*

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