Saturday, October 2, 2010

Some $5 autos I've picked up over the years...

In lieu of writing something a bit more lengthy about a particular subject, I'll go through a mixed bag of $5 autos I've gotten at my local.

I actually bought this Nick Adenhart '08 Stadium Club auto the week before he passed away. Kinda spooky, but a cool thing to have, I think. I think the kid would've been something else.

This Dock Ellis auto, I was very happy to see when it showed up. Dock was a badass in every sense of the word. Would've loved to have gotten to meet him, but hey, life.

Hey, the "Moneyball" guy! Jeremy Brown is another infamous guy, though I think he would've been solid had he made it to the show and stuck somewhere. He is the owner of a career .300 batting average in the majors, though!

I have no idea what Corey Feldman's career batting average is.

To wrap things up today, I bring you the power of BASTARDO! Guy has one of the best names EVER.

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