Monday, October 4, 2010

Some Fun From The Weekend

First up is the gem of my trade with Thorzul...

I think it was a little past Josh's time collecting cards, but this 1981 Topps Gorman Thomas card looks tailor-made for Cardboard Gods. Gorman looks hot, thirsty and miserable in that spring training dugout, his fingers in a brace on his left hand. He was still listed as "Outfield" on the card, so maybe he's thinking about how it might be time to start being a full-time DH. Either that, or he's thinking about how he can get the beer guy in the stands to slip a frosty one in his water bottle. I'm no Josh, and you should all be reading his site as well as being proud owners of his book, but this card reminded me of his stuff, in addition to being an awesome Gorman Thomas card. Thanks, Thorzul!

 I also, after a few missed connections with a friend, picked up a 1981 Kellogg's 3-D baseball set in great shape. (Thanks, Lisa!)


This, at least to my knowledge, was the only Kellogg's set that was issued in standard card size, and despite the yellow borders which some people may get 1991 Fleer-related hives from (Don't hate on '91 Fleer! I actually love that set...), it's a pretty awesome 66 card set with a ton of '80s Hall Of Famers, a second year Rickey Henderson card, a Pete Rose card and it's a nice time capsule of the '80 season to boot. Obviously, Super Joe is represented, as are guys like Cy Young winner Steve Stone in his one great year, Rick Langford, J.R. Richard is in there, that kinda thing. I would've loved to see my man Mike Norris represented, but we can't have everything, I guess. I've read that Kellogg's overproduced the set, which was a mailaway rather than an in-the-cereal one and dumped a bunch on the early hobby market, but I can't recall ever seeing '81 Kellogg's in person before I got this set, so it may have been a regional deal.

I'm not gonna bomb you guys out with the whole set, but I'll show you a couple more of my favorites.

This Phil Garner beauty is the one Baseball Almanac decided to lead with on their '81 page, too, but it's too good to chance people not seeing it. Garner's got the mother of all porn 'staches, he's wearing a great version of the Pirates uniform, and he looks like he's thinking "Come on, just take the picture or throw the ball or do something! The other kids are making fun of me!"

I'm gonna let this one speak for itself.

Note the huge facsimile signatures on both the Yaz and the Super Joe cards. Whenever possible, the graphic designers who worked on this set went for it with the sigs. On Garner, with the black uni and not a lot of whitespace, it's tiny, but a lot of these sigs are monsters, and some of the tiny ones are pretty awesome, too.

Again, very cool set, and it looks great in a binder.

I had one more cool thing happen this weekend, not exactly related to trading cards per se, but given the amount of auto-related stuff I've posted thus far, I figure it may be of interest to some of you, and from a personal standpoint, I'm just too happy about it not to share it.

Mick Foley and I at Toms River Public Library, 10/03/10

Mick was in town doing a reading/signing for his new book, Countdown To Lockdown: A Hardcore Journal, and I heard about the signing by chance very shortly before it happened. Great guy, a pro wrestling legend in every sense of the word, and a heck of an author, too! Thanks for coming by, Mick!

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