Wednesday, November 24, 2010

By Request: Jim Rice auto, and a few others I've gotten at Blue Claws games!

Fuji asked, I'm delivering! '86 Topps Jim Rice, right here. Got this at a free signing at a BlueClaws game in '08. Don't hate on Jim for not signing the "sweet spot" of the card, as I was the last person in a very long line, on a super hot day. Even so, I still think the '86 set is a great one to get ink on, and Jim was gracious, thanking me for wishing him luck in the Hall Of Fame voting (he got elected, so it must've worked, right?).

This past season, the BlueClaws switched to early evening games for most of their autograph signings, which was a much better move. As a bonus, here are the autographs I managed to snag this season!

'81 Topps Andre Dawson, my original Dawson card from when I was a kid (note the corners). Andre Dawson's got a great signature, but I'm thinking he's going to shorten it now that he's a Hall Of Famer, because he looked BEAT by the time I got to the front of the line. (Yep, again, I was pretty far back.) Still, very cool card to have signed, because this, to me, is the definitive Dawson card, and also because I totally missed my first chance to get Andre's signature. When I got to Cooperstown on the Friday night of '05 Induction Weekend, I stepped off the street car and literally, right in front of me, there he was, talking to some kids who recognized him. I did a double-take because, even in Cooperstown on the last weekend of July, you don't always expect to just trip over Andre freakin' Dawson like he just walked out of your baseball cards. By the time I was slightly more prepared to say hi and see if he could sign something, he'd bailed, the encounter over practically before it'd even started.

Anyway, after seeing the line for Dawson, I was sure to get to the park earlier the next night (Yes, back-to-back free autograph signings at the ballpark!), so I could meet this guy...

1994 Topps Darren Daulton. Man, just look at that mullet flow. This card epitomizes not just Daulton, but also an entire era of Phillies baseball. If you get the chance, read John Kruk's "I Ain't an Athlete, Lady...", and you'll get a better idea of what I'm talking about. Anyway, I was about 75th in line this time (as opposed to being around #500 for the other two cards pictured above) and the line just FLEW. Not only did it fly, but "Dutch" also talked to everyone who came up while blazing through the autographs, posed for pictures, and has an awesome signature to boot! Check out them double Ds!


  1. Thanks for sharing the 86 Rice autograph... it is a beauty.

    By the way... I love the Dawson too. In the next month or so... I'll be posting on my blog my Expos autograph PC. I'm not an Expos fan... but I love their red, white, and blue uniforms.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Hey, you too, Fuji!

    I've actually got another Expo signature (on an 82 Donruss Tim Raines) in the pipe. Tim is a great signer, he signed a bunch at the Somerset Patriots game I went to this past summer (as did Edgardo Alfonzo; Raines manages the Newark Bears, and Fonzie was playing for them, trying to catch on with a big league team one more time). I'll get to those soon enough.

  3. Look forward to checking out the Raines... keep up the great posts!


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