Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Found On My Adventure To Pennsylvania, Part I: Shotgun!

Yep, that'd be a 1955 Bowman George "Shotgun" Shuba card in pretty decent shape that I scored for $2.50!

I also managed to get Russ Meyer, Don Hoak, Jim Hughes and Bob Darnell from the '55 set for $2 each from same guy, who had some killer stuff at the North Hanover Mall card show on Sunday. Awesome haul of Bums for about what I pay for individual Bums in New Jersey. (It's amazing how card prices return to the real world when you get outside of the NYC metro area, and really, really dangerous to someone looking to polish off a bunch of sets/teams/player collections.)

The Shuba card is a favorite from this batch, though, because I've met him!

Yes, that's an incredibly overexposed shot of George and I on Main Street in Cooperstown, during Hall Of Fame Induction Weekend '08. The sun was brutal on the Saturday it was taken, and me being me, I still haven't gotten around to having fun with it in Photoshop. When I met George, I picked up his book, which he signed for me, but like most books, it's taking me forever to get around to reading it, even with my interest in all things Brooklyn Dodgers. Need to get on that soon.

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