Sunday, November 14, 2010

Great Pulls In Scott Crawford History, Volume III: 2007 Upper Deck (or not) Goudey

In honor of me finally finishing the base set(s), I'm going to talk about a pull that came from a pack of 2007 Upper Deck Goudey (or as I like to call it, "the best post-1987 set ever made"). I had a lot of fun putting together this one, even though it took me three years plus to finish it, without even getting into the 50-60 high numbers I still need, or the autos/patches (though I did pull a B.J. Upton auto in the first pack I opened, and also have the Hanley Ramirez auto that I picked up on its own later). Eventually, I'll probably do a fuller post on the set, but for now, let's talk about my pull.

As some of you who are familiar (most of you are way more familiar, I'm guessing) with opening packs know, occasionally a manufacturer, to make a big splash, will randomly insert cards from a previous set, or previous iteration of a set, in their packs. In the card business, it's known as a buyback. Since the '07 Upper Deck Goudey set pays homage to the original 1933 Goudey set, and those cards are pretty old/pretty expensive, Upper Deck had to spread the buybacks around a bit. The official count I've heard on '33 Goudey inserts was 1 card per case. So, even with me finding a pack that felt impossibly thick at my local, when I opened it, I was flabbergasted.

Yep, that's a '33 Goudey card in nice shape of Earl "Sparky" Adams, a member of two Cardinals World Series winners in the '30s (though he just missed being a part of the Gashouse Gang). I had some people, upon initially seeing scans of this card, comment that the art on it was horrible, but as it turns out (thanks to Dan Austin and The "Virtual Card Collection"), this is a pretty representative picture of ol' Sparky. Interestingly, I've read about someone else who's gotten a Goudey buyback pulling a Sparky Adams card, so Upper Deck may have gotten a deal on some. Not being a Goudey historian, I'm not sure why this card deviates from what we think of as the "classic" '33 design, with the "Big League Chewing Gum" logo at the bottom. If anyone who knows more about these cards than I do has insight into this, please, feel free to comment.

This is the sheet that was included in the plastic bag the buyback cards came in. Wait, did I say "cards" rather than "card"? I think I did.

That's because Henry "Hank" Johnson (with the "classic" '33 design I mentioned above) was also in this pack! This card isn't as clean looking as the card of Sparky, but it's still another '33 Goudey card, one of a guy who played on the same team as Ruth and Gehrig and won a World Series with them in '28 (though he was out for the entire '27 season; chronic injuries and illness plagued him, according to the Wikipedia entry I linked to above) and the card's tied for the "Oldest Card I Own" honors with the Sparky Adams card!

Two (at the time) 74 year old cards in one pack, beating the "one per case" odds by a wide margin! Probably the best single pull of my admittedly limited modern pack-opening career, and definitely one of my favorites!

Got a pull (particularly from '07 Goudey) that you're really happy about? Talk about it in the comments!

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