Wednesday, November 10, 2010

How To Tell If It's Lou Piniella Or Not: A Field Guide

Exhibit A: This is Lou Piniella, from the 1977 Burger King Set. Last card I needed for my 70's Burger King collection, and I have it now. Incidentally, if anyone would like me to write more about the Burger King cards or post some more scans of them, I can do that, just let me know in the comments.

Exhibit B: This is not Lou Piniella. Well, it was a 1984 Topps Lou Piniella card, but then Andrew W.K. signed it because I didn't have anything else handy for him to sign. It reads "I AM NOT LOU PINIELLA I AM ANDREW WK PARTY HARD!", if you're having trouble with any of the on-card text.

I'm actually trying to complete a circle with this particular card. A few months ago, when I saw Andrew again (a great guy and at one point, anyway, a card collector), I had him sign a card to give to Lou, which we'll call Exhibit C:

Eventually, though I haven't found the right situation or the means to do it yet (Lou's not cheap ink to get at card shows), I'd like to get two of Andrew's "I Get Wet" albums signed by Lou, one for Andrew and one for myself, with the inscriptions "I AM NOT ANDREW WK I AM LOU PINIELLA PARTY HARD!" and, for Andrew, "TO: ANDREW I AM NOT YOU! PARTY HARD! LOU PINIELLA" or something to that effect.

So yeah, that's how you tell if it's Lou Piniella or not. If Andrew W.K. signed the card, it's not. If he didn't, it is.


  1. Somehow I doubt that Lou Piniella knows who Andrew W.K. is.

    Actually, what would be cool is to mail a player a card of someone else (preferably someone they are known to be friends with) and ask him to write a message to that guy on the card, and then when you get it back mail it to that guy.

  2. Actually, there's a more than decent chance he's at least heard "Party Hard" about a million times in the past decade, being that they play it in stadiums all the time. Whether he tunes out the in-house music or not is another story. I forget whether or not Lou has kids/grandkids, but if he does, chances are they've heard of Andrew.

    That "message in a bottle on cards" thing is pretty cool, too. One of us should give that a try at some point on some cards we're not too attached to.


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