Saturday, November 13, 2010

Look at these poor, beautiful bastards.

None of 'em know what's about to hit them. They don't know they'll be Milwaukee Brewers soon after this picture's taken, or "Ball Four" immortals after that. Even Sick's Stadium, off in the background, doesn't know it'll be a Lowe's Hardware someday.

I got my first few Seattle Pilots cards way back in the 80's, and began an on-and-off fascination with the only 1 year team in Major League Baseball history that's pretty much switched on for good at this point. I'm not sure if they'd be as fascinating if "Ball Four" hadn't been written, but this started for me well before I knew what Jim Bouton's book was about and I've always been kind of a weird kid, so chances are, at least some of the appeal would still be there.

With the above team card, the toughest one in the 1970 Topps Pilots set, I'm closing in on it, 5 cards left to go:

#88 Rookies: Dick Baney/Miguel Fuentes
#158 Jerry McNertney
#556 Dave Bristol
#574 Bobby Bolin
#688 Ted Kubiak

I'm working on the '69 Topps Pilots as well, but I'm only 5 cards into those (just have #17 Mike Marshall, #135 Tommy Davis, #346 Wayne Comer, #451 Rich Rollins, and #511 Diego Segui so far).

I also have the Renata Galasso Pilots set (mentioned in this post at The Fleer Sticker Project, a site I keep referring to here lately), a pretty easy but totally worthwhile find for amateur Pilots hunters. Haven't gotten into the real oddball cards just yet (or any of the other memorabilia, though I'm kicking myself for not getting the Pilots mug that was on eBay last month), but I've been looking at them here and there.

Next on the list for me, aside from the cards, is the new documentary film, "Short Flight Into History", that tells the Pilots' story, as well as the books The 1969 Seattle Pilots: Major League Baseball's One-Year Team and The Seattle Pilots Story (though I've got such a huge backlog on books right now that it may take a while to get to reading those).

Are there any Pilots fans in the audience with stuff to add or, hell, former Pilots? Drop me a line in the comments!

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  1. Scott,

    Looks like we have an interest in a number of similar items. First Reggie as an Oriole, and now the Pilots. I'm also fascinated by the 1 year history of the Pilots, and have done a number of posts on them.

    If you are interested in the research I've done on the Pilots, here is a link to the posts, including the story of how the new documentary film helped me track down a Fleer Pilots item I had been trying to find forever:

    Be sure to check out their theme song on my post about their 40th anniversary.

    Go Go You Pilots!


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