Sunday, November 28, 2010

More answers and questions about the '73 Gamble from earlier...(UPDATED)

Remember this? C'mon, it was less than 12 hours ago. 

Anyway, I found it! (Assuming that this was a pickoff play rather than Gamble trying to stretch a single into a double in one of 6 Phils/Reds games pre-'73 at the Vet, anyway.) The outfield was Pete Rose, Bobby Tolan and Cesar Geronimo from left to right. The outfielder looks like he's in left center from the angle of the picture, but given that Rose was playing left, he could either be there, or he could be that disembodied head in the cloud of dirt. Actually, 1972 Pete could've been in both places.

If it's not Pete in the cloud of dirt, it's either Denis Menke or Don Gullett, who's credited with the 2nd half of the pickoff with the sheriff, Johnny Bench, making the throw. I can't figure out, for the life of me, how a pitcher would get from the mound to there on that play, though. So, we're not all the way there, but we're getting there.

Strike that, Smed found it! From the 6/4/72 Phillies/Reds game at the Vet:

PHILLIES 1ST: Doyle grounded out (second to first); Gamble
singled to right; Montanez flied out to left; Luzinski singled
to second [Gamble to second]; Hutton flied out to right; 0 R, 2
H, 0 E, 2 LOB.  Reds 2, Phillies 0.

So, Oscar was safe!

Also:  as seen in the comments, Darrel Chaney played the role of the disembodied head.

We're still trying to confirm who the guy running in from left center is. It's either Pete Rose or Bobby Tolan, though I'm leaning toward Tolan, as Pete had his hair helmet by the time '72 rolled around

I'm really surprised that people haven't written more about this card. (I got no hits from a Google search.) It's got all the elements of a card that you lot would love: it's a horizontal '70s action shot, it's got a green, multipurpose stadium background, Oscar Gamble's involved, there's a cloud of dirt, a disembodied head floating above the cloud of dirt, and I'm pretty sure that Topps airbrushed the Phillies logo off of Gamble's uniform, since he'd switched teams by the time the card was printed. Johnny Bench is even involved in the play, offscreen!

It gets even better: this exact card, circle of ink by Concepcion and all, has been added to the booty for the "CAPTION THIS CARD!" contest!


  1. Check first inning, June 4, 1972. That's definitely Concepcion in the picture. Chaney was playing second - and Joe Hague was in RF. I think it's shot from 3rd base.

    Gamble singled with one out, and then after Montanez flew out, Retrosheet said that Luzinski hit a single to 2B. They may have shifted Chaney more toward the bag, and he tried to make the play. Concepcion was going over to cover and Gamble slid in.

  2. Yeah, you can't miss Concepcion.

    Very likely that you've nailed the game and the play, and if so, good work! I got lazy once I saw a CS on a boxscore. ;)

    Rose and Tolan are both listed at the same height, so that's not an easy pickoff. Complexion/hair color/cut are tough at that distance. Rose is #14 obviously, and Tolan wore #28, but I can't make out the numbers. Hague wouldn't be in left center (the outfielder is just to the right of the 371 in left center in the Vet), barring a cosmic accident. I'm leaning slightly toward Tolan, just because Pete had his distinct hair helmet by then and it doesn't look like the guy has it.


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