Monday, November 22, 2010

My poor Islanders.

In an attempt to rouse the boys from their funk (and because old hockey cards are awesome), I will post some cards from a time way before I was watching the Islanders or even hockey, as I'm still very, very new to the sport (this is only my second season watching it). I finally got into hockey right at the beginning of 2010, because 1. the cards rule, both old and new and 2. hockey fandom is sorta like being in the Masons. It's got its own language, its own customs, and it's pretty arcane stuff. I chose the Isles as my team because they seemed like they needed a fan. I hadn't heard of a hockey fan supporting the Islanders in ages before I started following them (I've met a few since, but there still aren't many of us in NJ). They're almost like the forgotten team, even with them playing in the biggest market in the US and having John Tavares on the team. I've had a blast watching the games, and I love Howie Rose. Despite the team getting the crap kicked out of them this season and letting Sean Bergenheim (who was my favorite player last season, a guy who really made things happen) get away during the off-season, no regrets at all.

Anyway, here's some old-ass Islanders, who will hopefully get the team going, and get me off my butt to do more research on the team's history!

1975-1976 Topps Denis Potvin. There's a Ranger fan reading this somewhere, chanting "Beat Your Wife Potvin!" as we speak. Ranger fans have deep-rooted psychological issues, apparently. Enough about them, though. Look at how friggin' cool this card is! The stick looks like it's gonna jab you in the eye, and he's standing in front of a pastel blue-green background! Additional bonus: great hair.

1975-1976 Topps Clark Gillies. This is Clark's rookie. Clark apparently kicked ass. He looks like he's thinking about kicking some of it in this picture. Hopefully, his presence on this humble site will inspire the Isles to do the same again soon.

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