Monday, November 8, 2010

Things Found By Reading Other Peoples' Sites, Part II: Renata Galasso Reggie Jackson Set!

As a kid, not knowing a lot about the man beyond that he hit baseballs really far, looked cool doing it and had a candy bar, I loved Reggie Jackson. As a grown-up, I know that it's a good deal more complicated than all of that, but just like Mantle fans have learned to accept him, warts and all, I still have a soft spot for Reggie, and still collect his stuff.

When I found out that Reggie Jackson had been a Baltimore Oriole kinda late in my childhood (maybe '87 or so; I was too young to remember it happening and as a matter of historical record, it'd kinda slipped by me before then), it became one of the holier of Holy Grails to get some cards of him as an Oriole, but without a lot of time in the trenches at card shows or the Internet, I didn't get much further than the '88 Score card that was part of their little tribute set-within-a-set for Reggie. I remember being really mad that Topps didn't release a legit regular or traded issue of Mr. October in his O's gear, and equally disappointed that he wasn't in uniform for the '76 SSPC set (logistically, that last one would've been impossible given the timeline of the set's creation, but I didn't know that then) and wishing that someone had gotten it right when he was in Baltimore.

Fast forward to a month or so ago, when I was poking around again. I knew, of course, that Topps had printed a proof of the Reggie card with him in the O's uniform, and that a few people had ended up with them, as it came up in the news a few years prior. I'd probably heard about or seen some of the other examples of Reggie O's cards as well, but I'd mostly blanked on what they were.

This totally excellent post on the Fleer Sticker Project brought everything sharply into focus, and since then, I've tracked down a complete Renata Galasso (link goes to another cool piece by Fleerfan on Renata and her card business) Reggie set, which has these two in it:

Oh yeah. This is THE card of Oriole Reggie. It's actually the exact same photo Topps used for their proof, but it's unburdened by that confusing "Yankees" that even the proof had written above it. Yeah, he's in the bottom right corner as a tiny Yankee, but I didn't even really notice that until I started typing this. This very well may be my favorite picture of Reggie, period.

Here's another less inspiring shot of Oriole Reggie, but it's still Reggie and he's still an Oriole. Supposedly, there just aren't a lot of good, published or publishable shots of him in uniform, as he skipped camp and didn't start playing for the O's until May (not to mention that this was long before the days when EVERYONE had a camera), so I'll take what I can get.

The Fleer Sticker Project post goes into way more detail, is well-researched, has more cards and other pictures than I've managed to track down so far, and is awesome in general, so huge props to Fleerfan for helping me get off my ass and get some more Oriole Reggie goods!


  1. Scott,

    Thanks for the kind words about the blog and for linking to the Reggie post. I'm glad you were able to find the Renata Reggie set. I wish with all the various retro cards that Topps puts out today that they would go back and create a 1976 version of the Reggie card that never was, or even do a 1977 Orioles card of the infamous "proof".

    I've added your blog to my blog list, and look forward to following your posts!


  2. Thanks for the add! You do great work over at the Project. I can't even imagine trying to wrap my head around those Fleer issues that all blend together in my head. The other, non-sticker-related posts have been pretty fantastic as well, like the Reggie and the Galasso posts.

    I actually have a stash of logo stickers, so if you have a want list somewhere, maybe I can find you some goodies.


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