Tuesday, November 23, 2010

This just in from Gary Cieradkowski!

Gary, who I've profiled here before, is evolving a bit from the format of The Infinite Baseball Card Set and bringing us Number 21: A Baseball Art & History Journal right around the holidays!

Direct from Gary's site, here's the scoop:

"Just in time for the holidays... the first edition of a little baseball art and history journal called "Number 21". Named after the number of my Pop's favorite player, Number 21 will hopefully become a semi-regular series of themed books which will include 12 short stories and illustrations of the type of ballplayers you've come to expect from The Infinite Baseball Card Set Blog.

Due to overwhelming requests, the first book will be Jewish Baseball Pioneers and Stars. Besides including different takes on "the Big 3"- Greenberg, Koufax and Berg, I went all out to bring you 9 other guys you may or may not have heard of so it will appeal to ALL baseball history fans, whether you're Jewish or not.

Each edition will be a soft covered 20 page book printed on card stock and includes 12 different stories and artwork. Along with a short introduction about Jews and baseball these is also a 2 page section of baseball book suggestions from small-publishing companies that I think would be worthy additions to your library."

The first edition of Number 21 should sell for about $20. Exact pricing and order information should be up right after Thanksgiving, according to Gary. Stay tuned to The Infinite Baseball Card Set for updates, and because the site is just plain awesome anyway.

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