Sunday, December 5, 2010

And now for something completely different: 1966 Topps Batman cards!

I mentioned non-sports cards way back in my first post, but I haven't done a lot with them yet. During my huge scan-a-thon of Bo's cards, I also caught up on some other scanning I wanted to do, and that included these awesome '66 Topps Batman cards. I got them at a card shop that was in my town for a few years in the late '80s and early '90s, pretty much entirely on cool factor, and now I'm sharing 'em here. If you want to know a bit more than I'm telling you here about the cards, has a nice overview of the set. Topps also re-released these in '89 as a set, during the height of the Batman movie craze. I really should've picked those up back then, and should add them to the want list. Without further ado, though, let me show you the other cards I got back then.

Floating Joker head! Of note here: the colorist forgot to color The Joker's ear white, and it's interesting that, in 1966, men, even if they were bad men who would listen to a psychotic murderer's floating head, were allowed to smoke on kids' trading cards.

w00! Super miscut! All of these cards are at least a little miscut, but this one's the gem of the bunch. Robin's thisclose to being miscut himself here, too. This is some interesting Comics Code-era bondage that they got away with (Those mean ol' standards and practices types don't read our bubblegum cards, ha!), and it's not an isolated incident, as you'll see in about two cards.


Batman can totally see up Catwoman's skirt here, that sly dog. The person who wrote the copy for these screwed up and called her "Cat Woman" on at least the two cards I have featuring her. 

"Two, you say?"

Yep, and I saved the best for last! If you knew nothing about Batman or Catwoman and looked at just this card, you'd totally assume that Batman was the bad guy. You'd also assume that he's a very lucky guy.


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  2. Wow, that Joker card is fantastic!

  3. Yeah, this set really is a gem. According to the blurb on, Norm Saunders from the Mars Attacks set worked on it, and the set really does have a Mars Attacks-ish feel to it, that same kind of menace and sadism.

  4. That Joker card is amazing, even if the ear wasn't painted. I like the painted Batman cards a lot more than the photo cards.


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