Saturday, December 25, 2010

Big Bottoms

I don't know if you'd call them mudflaps, but, like some of you, I loved getting a full wax box or the last of a box of cards when they printed cards on the box bottom, and getting to take home the box. I've got a bunch of cool examples of these in my collection, and some on my trade list as well, but here are a couple examples I wasn't as in love with that I came across when slicing up some old box panels recently (I'd kept some in panel or mostly-intact box form, and they were getting beaten to hell).

This Dodgers logo sticker-lookin' thing is actually a checklist card from a 1986 Fleer Star Stickers box bottom, no joke. It's available for trade, which could lead to a Fleerfan/Night Owl knife fight.

The 1988 Topps box bottoms featured "Record Breakers" on their cards. Somehow, by some cosmic accident, the people at Topps decided to put Juan Beniquez on one of them. His record-breaking feat was joining the Blue Jays, his eighth different American League team. Sometimes, Topps, I wonder about you. Don't get me wrong here; Juan Beniquez was a major league ballplayer, which means he was probably better at the game of baseball than I'll ever be, but when you're doing special, "limited edition" sets like the box bottoms, and you put a guy who, let's be fair, was not Don Mattingly, Eddie Murray or Nolan Ryan in the set, you're creating an atmosphere where young kids may come to hate Juan Beniquez just for not being one of their favorites, or where kids may get ridiculed for thinking, mistakenly, that Juan's more than a serviceable utility/bench guy because he's in a set with Mike Schmidt and Darryl Strawberry. Actually, Marvell Wynne snuck into this set too, so at least Juan had company. Hey, John Kruk was on an '88 box bottom, too! Anyone got a spare? Trade you a Juan Beniquez for it!


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