Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Check Out My CheckOutMyCards Cards!

Right after Thanksgiving, CheckOutMyCards had a cheap shipping deal if you bought 20 or more cards from them. I caught it right at the buzzer, hence my not mentioning it here, but hopefully they'll repeat the deal sometime soon. Anyway, here are some of the highlights from my huge, yet very reasonably priced haul:

You wouldn't believe what a pain it was to get this card. Something like the football rookie of Bo friggin' Jackson should be stocked everywhere, and there are certainly enough copies on eBay and COMC to suggest that it's not rare by any means, but I'll be damned if I found a copy while hunting through several card shows, most of the stores in my area, all of the gazillion card stores in Cooperstown or anywhere else. Glad to have this (and the '90 Topps Bo) checked off, finally!

Speaking of Cooperstown, I'm really glad to have the Allen & Ginter card of Robert Scott (which is, I'm pretty sure, his first-ever Topps card), who I wrote about here and here. The best card in this year's Ginter set, bar none...

...OK, this one's pretty good too. As some of you may know, I LOVE the New York Marathon, so it's great to see a guy like 2009 winner Meb Keflezighi getting a card in a set full of champions. I saw him cross that finish line as it happened.

Check Out My Dick!

(Man, between that line and the Pete LaCock card in my last post, I've been 6 years old this week...but a mature 6.)

I didn't get a lot of Goodwin Champions cards when they came out last year, but this one makes me want to give the set a second look.

This card is a nice snapshot of one of the greatest years for relief pitchers in history, and it's got two of my favorite relievers on it! For Marshall, '73 wasn't as gaudy as his record-breaking '74 season, but it was still damn good, and the middle year of a 3 year run that may have been the best ever for a pre-1 inning relief pitcher. Hiller's year is just as tremendous if not more when you consider that he was just 2 years removed from a heart attack! (He won 17 games in relief in '74, too, still a record.) If you made an all-time comeback player list, John Hiller would be very close to the top in my opinion. More on Hiller here and here.

One more for the awesome name files: finally, I have a card of Jung Bong, or Bong Jung-Keun if you're nasty! The Bonger bounced around a bit in the majors and never really caught fire (*groan*), but he's excelled in international competition, and seeing him have success in 2 World Baseball Classics has been a lot of fun!

Topps Gold thinks you're a winner, AY, and so do I!

I finished two base Topps player collections on this order. Lyman Bostock was one. Like I said, I collect sad stories. Glad to have all 3 of his Topps cards, finally. I had to replace my '78 because I have no idea where it ended up (which is downright weird), and I still needed his rookie card, pictured here.

To cap things off and end on an up note, here's the other player whose base Topps cards I finished: Graig freakin' Nettles! Man, he looks young here. I got this and the '73 to cap off my '69-88 run of his base cards (I've also got '84 and '87 Traded). So far, I've only got complete base Topps runs of 4 players I collect. Mike Scott, Mark Fidrych, Lyman Bostock and Graig Nettles. Need to work on that.

So, did any of you get to take advantage of cheap shipping at COMC? Talk about it in the comments!


  1. I must have missed the deal but I have my semi annual shipment coming so watch out. I picked up some Goodwin's too.

  2. I definitely need to give that set another look. I was skeptical when it came out, as I was like "Another vintage set from UD? We already have Goudey!" But now that we've got no Goudey, no other vintage sets from UD and practically no UD (Man, that all happened kinda fast, didn't it?), it might be time to reconsider and look at Goodwin on its own merits.


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