Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Doing Some Bookkeeping

I may be quieter than I have been over the next day or so, as I'm in the process of checklisting all of my pre-1985 cards (more on this soon; I'm about to start '82 Topps, right after this post), making another pass on trade box sorting after a couple of big trades (more on these soon too) knocked everything out of whack, and spending some time evaluating what I have after a very busy month or two (really, a very busy couple of years for my collection, but especially the last month or so). In the meantime, have some pictures of cards that have very little in common!

Don Money: now with radioactive hat!

"I taught that no-good bum Bartolo Colon everything he knows about hair care!"

From this year's Unrivaled football set, here's Fred Jackson. No angry tweets to God from this guy, just good f00'ball! Nice fantasy pickup, if by some cosmic accident he's still on the wire in your league. As an aside, these cards look a lot like '99 Upper Deck baseball, don't they?


Any Seitzer fans in the audience? I got this in-person at a card show signing in '87 or '88, and, well, I don't care that much about it. I'll trade it one-up for an auto of someone I actually dig.

Offered without comment.

And finally today, some eBay awesome from a couple of years ago: a signed example of the best Bouton Pilot card I've found so far. Came with a dealer COA. I'd still like to meet the Bulldog at some point, though. Seems like he'd be a hoot. (As an aside, I really like these Swell Gum cards, actually. At some point, I may need to hunt down this set.)

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  1. Every Brewers airbrush from that era is that shade of...shade

    Nice hair Pete.


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