Saturday, December 11, 2010

Feedin' the Obak monkey...

It's gettin' so a fella can't even walk into Target without getting the shakes these days. How'd I do? Well...

Man, another brewery card, this one for a company I was never a fan of. Unlike Frederick Miller's card, profiled here, they didn't even use a picture of the founder, just his creepy-lookin' brewery building that looks more like a prison than a place where you make beer. Also "of note": apparently, according to this card, the Anheuser brewery became the Anheuser-Busch brewery when Eberhard Anheuser's daughters Lilly and Anna married Adolphus and Ulrich Busch in a double ceremony in 1879. Is that even legal?


This dude made ketchup.

"Black Sox" sighting, and the guy widely credited as popularizing the knuckleball. That's a little better. I like ketchup and all, but seriously? Did he need a card? If I were gonna give a Heinz a card, I'd give it to Teresa Heinz Kerry, as, even though she married into the family, she's a total badass. OK, back to Eddie Cicotte. Dude had borderline Hall Of Fame numbers, were it not for the ban. He looked kinda like a cross between Fred Gwynne and Clancy Brown, the guy who played Capt. Hadley in The Shawshank Redemption. Wow, weird coincidence on that front, totally unrelated to Eddie Cicotte (I'm off on a tangent here, big surprise!): Clancy Brown played "Viktor" in The Bride, and Fred Gwynne, of course, played Herman Munster, so they both played Frankenstein's monster in some way or another! I was hoping for some close "six degrees"-ish connection between either actor and David Strathairn, who played Cicotte in Eight Men Out, but no luck there. No luck with any of these three and Steve Eastin, who played Cicotte in Field Of Dreams. OK, I'll stop now.

Ahh, the beginning of the 20th century. A simpler time when you could call a hearing-impaired person who made a huge contribution to the strategy of the game of baseball "Dummy" as a term of endearment. If you can't tell from the proportions, this was the mini in today's pack, or as we call them in our more civilized era, the "size-challenged" card.

Last card, and it's a good 'un. John Paciorek, not to be confused with his brothers Tom or Jim, can lay claim to the best one-day Major League Baseball career in history. On the last day of the 1963 season, John had 3 singles, two walks, 4 runs scored and 3 RBI. His batting average was, at that point, a perfect 1.000, and it stayed that way because he never played in the bigs again, due to injuries and such. Still, if you only get one day, this isn't a bad one to get. There's also an autographed version of this card, which I totally just yoinked off of eBay. Man, I had to. According to one seller,the auto card is limited to a numbered edition of 5 (which makes it even cooler if so), but I'm still looking for confirmation on that. Either way, how many of you can say you've got an autograph of a guy who batted 1.000 in the bigs? There's only been 20 of those players in history, and John's the best one! That'd be an insanely cool collection to try to put together, though, especially given that most of the 1.000s probably don't have cards, aren't still alive and haven't signed much. I smells a challenge...

This pack, for me, is a great example of why I warmed up to Obak: even when you don't get a big hit or a lot of bona fide stars, and even when you come out of it with a couple of really bum cards, like cards of a swill merchant and a ketchup maker, you still end up with some great stories in just about every pack.


  1. Lolololol. That Heinz card makes me laugh a lot.

  2. I love Obak cards... and that Paciorek card is cool... great trivia. I wonder if he signs TTM.

  3. Fuji, I checked The Bench's TTM database and he wasn't in there, but that doesn't mean he doesn't do it. I was curious about the same thing, but then I saw the auto card on eBay and decided to play it safe.

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  5. Lol... ignore that comment... it was suppose to be inserted somewhere else... What I meant to say earlier is...

    Thanks for the link to The Bench. I had never heard of that site until today. I signed up... and I hope to ship out some TTM after the holidays.

    Congrats on the eBay pickup!

  6. I figured that was a goof, no worries.

    And yeah, The Bench is good stuff. Had some decent TTM successes through the address database, which I profiled here early on.


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