Thursday, December 16, 2010

For trade: 1986 McDonald's f00'ball!

Any of y'all collect these? As it so happens, I have a decent handful of doubles from this set, all added to my trade list last night. No blue tabs, for those of you who keep track of that stuff, but still some good 'uns like Marino, Payton, Fouts and LT (if you're into that sort of thing). Alas, only one Montana and I collect 'em, but there still might be some stuff you need. I don't know that I'd collect more beyond what I've got, so I'm good on 'em (at some point, if they're popular with the kids, I may even purge the singles of guys I don't collect), but I figure someone out there may have a hankerin'.

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  1. I actually have a Mark Gastineau from that set, missing the tear-off from the bottom, which I'm pretty sure I got in 1986 at McDonald's.


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