Sunday, December 19, 2010

Great Pulls In Scott Crawford History, Volume IV: My First 1-of-1

Last year, I cracked a box of '09 Topps Updates & Highlights. My big hit from the box was this cyan printing plate of Jeff Niemann. My first 1/1 (sorta; there are 4 plates, after all). At the time (I got the box at my local shop and being a crackhead, opened it there), the people watching me go through packs thought it was kind of a dud, but I was happy even then, and Niemann's strung together 2 perfectly good seasons now. I don't know if he'll stick with the Rays, who are struggling to find room for all the young pitchers they have, but if he doesn't, I think some team's gonna be very happy with him. Definitely looking forward to seeing how things progress.

Here's the back, if you're curious:

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