Sunday, December 19, 2010

I'm not allowed to go to Target anymore.

So, this "Target" thing...turning into kind of a problem.

Yeah, I looked at what else was there. I thought about getting the ZOMG 4 UPDATE PACKS AND A YO MAMA CARD pack, but $8 for 4 packs of a set I'm not assembling? Nah. They were still totally cleaned out of Obaks. Bah. There was an empty box of Bowman Platinum or whatever it's called there, some $9 racks and a bunch of blasters. Nah. Wasn't really feeling a rack of Bowman Draft, either. Saw some of those 100 junk wax cards for $5 racks that Night Owl tried this week, nope. I wanted to open some packs, but nothing was appealing to me aside from the lurking horror of the 4 packs for $5 pack, which at least had Goodwin Champions in it ('09 Topps Chrome was the other visible pack in the window; is it '09 Topps Weekend around here or something?). So, I bit the bullet and grabbed one.

The other two packs were '07 Topps Series 2 and '07 Upper Deck, forget which series. When Ben Zobrist (good ballplayer, don't get me wrong) is the best card in a pack, the less said, the better. Back to that Topps pack, though...

Didn't I just get rid of this guy? Ah well. At least he's not trippin' balls anymore, unlike this guy, who I got in a pack of '07 Ultra a while ago...

"Man, I don't feel so good."

Anyway, the other kinda-cool card in the '07 pack was this 'un...

"Randy, Morty, this is nice, I like this!" Actually, it wouldn't surprise me if J.P. Ricciardi and Billy Beane made a $1 bet that they could each sign an aging DH (Frank Thomas and Mike Piazza in this case) and make The Big Hurt's life awesome and Mike Piazza's life hell. They're those kinda dudes.

All silliness aside, it'd be kinda cool if "Traded" cards were all like this subset, so you'd see where these guys came from.

Onto the Topps Chrome...

Wow, no foolin'. I would've been psyched about a hit like this about 10 years ago. Yep, it's a Mr. Intangibles gold refractor, #39/50. Still kind of cool to pull out of a Junk Wax 2K package even if I am, as I've said before, totally Jetered out. Cool picture, too. I don't think I saw this card when it came out in any form. With Chrome last year, I think I was like "Chrome Hamilton, Chrome Vlad, OK, I'm out!"

There was a Matt Cain in the Chrome pack too, so that didn't suck, surprisingly enough.

Now, onto the main event, which has already been overshadowed a little: Goodwins!

Chris friggin' Johnson! Cool pull. I'm not collecting the guy's cards, but he's damn good and I'm not gonna turn my nose up at them, either. Other cards were Hafner, Stephen Drew and a Jurrjens mini which might be a double (I'll know tomorrow, Braves fans). Not terrible stuff for set building, which I may eventually be suckered into with Goodwin.

I walked out of Target feeling like a schmuck for grabbing this, but I actually had some fun opening it (glue on the packs aside, jeez) and got about a good card per pack, maybe a little more depending on your definition of these things.

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