Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Last Crawford

Unless I'm forgetting a set that isn't out yet or unless Topps gets lazy with some products next year, this Bowman Platinum number (which was damn hard to scan and still looks way too dark, apologies...) is probably going to be the last card of Carl Crawford as a Ray, at least for a while. Good card to end on, I think, as it showcases him for his hitting rather than being yet another baserunning card. I've liked this guy ever since he showed up on my fantasy radar a bunch of years ago. "A Devil Ray who's good? Yoink!" Sadly, he's no longer a Devil or even a Ray. I've been scooping up his cards since I got serious about buying cards again 3 or 4 years ago, and as much as I don't care for the Red Sox, I doubt I'll stop seeking out his cards now unless he totally gets infected with Red Sox Syndrome (which has subsided significantly now that Pedro and Manny are gone, but is still a going concern; symptoms include acting like a loud, obnoxious thug and poor shaving habits, usually without the benefits of cool facial hair).

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