Friday, December 31, 2010

The Last Pack Of 2010!

For the hell of it, I decided to go against an earlier decision and grab a rack of '10 Topps Update (Target is evil), and open it as my last pack of 2010 cards. Here's how I did, for those of you who are compulsively reloading your RSS readers instead of celebrating tonight.

Base Cards:

20 Jason Bay
28 Bill Hall
54 Akinori Iwamura
71 Jason Giambi

121 J.A. Happ in his Astros costume

122 Darnell McDonald
163 Marco Scutaro

164 Gaby Sanchez (I like this kid; don't tell Loria or he'll trade him)

223 Henry Blanco

231 Gabe Kapler as seen from 3 miles away

257 Joel Hanrahan
294 Aaron Heilman

All-Stars (of which there are way too many for a friggin' Update set, they need to stop this):

11 Put a helmet on, Vern!

80 David Ortiz
125 Adam Wainwright
126 Elvis Andrus
132 Corey Hart
141 Phil Hughes


200 Pu-Rod

270 Smilin' Vlad! (Crap, it's a double.)

Cards of 30 year old dudes with RC logos on them:

9 Danny Worth
59 Jeanmar Gomez (pretty sure this is a double)

181 J.P. "Hope they have better luck with this kid than that other guy named J.P." Arencibia

(This one's a double, but it goes to a Jays fan I know.)

191 Valencia! Psyched about this one, don't think I had it.

268 Logan "Don't Call Me Wolverine" Morrison

295 Andrew Cashner (Pretty sure this is a double)
311 Felix Dubront

Other Nonsense Topps Puts In Packs:

55 ZOMGSTRASBURG!!!!111111

(All kidding aside, I needed this one. I still need ZOMG MERRY STRAS-MAS if anyone has that, and the Bowmans, and probably a bunch of other crap I can't afford.)

153 McCann All-Star Thank God It's Gold I Was Getting Cataracts From Cropping White Borders

(0244/2010 if you're nasty.)

Turkey Red 131 Vernon Wells
Attax John Lackey

Whee, I saved 3 bucks by not getting the guaranteed MCG pack! Also: Schmidt!

My prize from the code:

There's offers up for this card, most of which aren't so good. The 2001 Topps Pudge which everyone on the planet but me has either in their collection or on the Topps Million site is one of the offers, and someone else is offering 2001 Topps Pokey Reese for it. POKEY :( I may need the card for my '77 set, but not at $3 shipping (and that applies to the '01s too). Thoughts?

Really, Topps?

More Tales Of The Game 7 (Tape-Measure Single, lousy Astrodome pic)

PP-117 (Huh-huh, I said "PP") Mike Stanton. I can't put a finger on why, but I like this card a bunch.

And finally, the only card you're more likely to pull than a Strasburg in Update this year...

252 Jim Thome. I love the guy and he had an awesome year for the Twinkies, but this is the 3rd copy I've gotten of this card. I'm giving one of them away in the "CAPTION THIS CARD!" prize package already. Soon, I will be able to make a suit of '10 Update Thome cards! (OK, maybe just a codpiece. Man, that'd be awesome. And really disturbing.)

That's a wrap for 2010, kids. Remember, the "CAPTION THIS CARD!" contest ends in a little less than an hour! Happy New Year to everyone until then, and I'll see y'all on the other side (probably tomorrow) with the contest results!


  1. I need that Augustine. I'll send a trade request now - it'll have Billy Koch in it.

  2. I'll give ya the Stras-mas for that Bee-You-Tea-Fool McCann card. I'll even throw in a bunch of other update cards for free.

    I got my Caption entry in just before the buzzer, enjoy!

  3. dayf: Ow. I don't collect McCann, but he is one of the Bravos I do like, and it's probably the best card of him that I've seen. The gold borders really work on it, too, so base might not do it for me. You've got first crack at it if I decide to let it go, but for now, I'm holding.

    Nice work beating the buzzer by 3 minutes, by the way.

    Smed: I'll log into MCG in a bit.


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