Friday, December 17, 2010

My First Group Break Part I: 2005 Bowman Sterling

So Thorzul has group box breaks (for the uninitiated: where a bunch of people chip in on a box or a few boxes of cards, and each claims a team or a couple of teams for their money) just about every month, and every month, I'm like "damn, I want in", but I finally snapped and joined one on the most expensive month he's ever done, I think. I picked the Yankees for old time's sake, and while I got the Mets as my random second team (that's the way Thorzul rolls these days), I traded them for the Angels. Still a chance at a Nolan Ryan that way, plus Reggie, Vlad, etc. instead of Pedro, Piazza and the like. No Seaver for me if it happens in box #2 (2007 SP Legendary Cuts), but Seaver for Reggie seems like a fair enough trade.

Today, he got box #1 of the two box break in the mail, a box of 2005 Bowman Sterling, and he's already got a video up of the box break. How'd I do so far? Watch and learn, or scroll past the video and I'll tell you!


 In short, given what was in the box (it wasn't a total dog of a box, but it wasn't breathtaking, either), I did pretty OK. I got 4 of the 12 autographs:

C.J. Henry (once traded for Bobby Abreu; out of baseball now, in college and playing basketball for Southern Nazarene University according to Wikipedia)

Steven White (played in the minors for a good while but never made it to the bigs; out of baseball since '08, I believe)

Stephen Marek (part of the trade that brought Mark Teixeira to the Angels; still on the Braves' 40 man roster)


From the box topper pack, a numbered (8/33) buyback autograph of Garret Anderson in one of those snazzy hologrammed Topps holders! If I were a Garret Anderson fan, I would be loving life right now! Garret's a free agent right now and has 2500 career hits, but he's coming off a .181 average as a bench player and he's gonna be 39 in June. It'll be interesting to see if he keeps going, and if so, how he does.

I am accepting trade offers on all 4 cards, which you can see better in the video or at Thorzul's post about the break. More tomorrow hopefully, as the Legendary Cuts box is due to arrive!

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