Saturday, December 18, 2010

My First Group Break Part II: 2007 SP Legendary Cuts

After kicking ass and taking (mostly mediocre) names in Part I of the break yesterday, this afternoon it was time to see how I did on Legendary Cuts. I was looking forward to this one more than the Bowman Sterling box, not just because of the crazy expensive, impossible-to-pull hits in it, but also because the base set is really nice and features older players rather than being sorta rookie-centric. Here's how I did, in video form:


All base cards, but all good base cards!

Casey Stengel

Babe Ruth

Johnny Mize

Joe DiMaggio

Thurman Munson

Phil Rizzuto

Rod Carew

(I don't really need to dig up links for these guys, do I?)

Unlike my hits from Sterling, these are going right in the collection and are not available for trade. Nothing super-expensive here at all, but they're all cool cards.

I was glad to see that Thorzul got a few of the big hits from this box, which were a Goose Gossage relic and a short-print Roberto Clemente (and the big hit from Sterling...hmmm...IT'S A FIX!!!) because he ended up fronting for 10 teams on this, and that whoever got the Reds in the break got the Johnny Vander Meer card, which is the only base card I had prior to this. That's a great card. Some nice base Brooklyn Dodgers for whoever got them, too.

 Overall, I'd say that neither box was a life-changer and it was a pricey break, but I still had fun and I'd do more breaks in the future, particularly if they were in the $20 or less range. Maybe at some point (definitely not until after the new year), I'll throw one or two of my own. Thanks for havin' us all, Thorzul!

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