Friday, December 3, 2010

My Trade With Bo, Part I of 2847592947582

Bo Trade At A Glance:

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No, not that Bo! This Bo! Bo Jackson is pretty awesome, though. Watch Bo flex! Heh, get it? Bo...flex...oh, never mind.

Anyway, I got 2 big boxes in the mail yesterday from Bo Rosny, one of which contained the '89 Topps set (yes, I still needed it), and the other of which had about 650 cards in it, hand-picked by either Bo or myself to match up to my want list or my general interests in weird stuff. This box was a LOT of fun to go through. Not that the '89 set wasn't, and yes, I checked out all 792 cards.

(A few of them were out of order. 'Sup wit' dat?)

Over the next 20 years, I'll be posting some highlights from Bo's and my trade. He's already a few hours ahead of me on that front, but this hobby of ours, it isn't a sprint, it's a marathon, baby. So, without further ado, let's continue with some more portrait-style (or at least non-action-style) cards!

Call me weird, but I'd bet money that someone told good ol' Jim Abbott a dirty joke right before this picture was taken, and I'd really like to know what it was. If any of y'all know Jim or run into him at a card show or somethin' before I do, please ask him for me!

'90 Upper Deck Brian Downing. This is a great shot I'd never seen before (I pretty much missed the '90s, cardwise) of a great player. He killed my Yankees on a regular basis, back when they were still my Yankees.

Continuing with today's West Coast bias, this is a fantastic shot of Eric Davis. It's posed as hell, sure, but it has the look and feel of a baseball card that a kid would worship while growing up in a simpler time. I loved Eric Davis. Still have my black Louisville Slugger Eric Davis glove, though it turns my hand black when I wear it now. 

I got a few Stadium Club cards in this deal, and the photography on those cards really popped in a way I'd never noticed before. This 1992 card of '90s alternate universe Willie Wilson (still weird to me to see him outside a Royals uniform) is beautiful.

Finally back east! This may be, from a purely aesthetic, not just looking for him to be Kruk point of view, the best picture I've ever seen of John Kruk. He looks like he de-aged 10 years after leaving the Padres (and with what he went through with Bowa out there in mind, it's entirely possible that he did). He eventually returns to his scruffy, mulletted self (more on mullets in a later post about this trade), but for a moment in time, captured in one of the more derided card sets in history, John Kruk is a kid again.

Hey, Goose! Love this guy. Glad to have a card of him from Yankee tour of duty 2 that isn't confined in a factory set prison like my other copy of this one is. One day soon, I think I'm going to flip out and open every last bit of shrinkwrap on anything I own.

Love this Gantner card. The photographer did a great job capturing color and making use of shadow, and by some miracle, Topps' color separators didn't wash it all out. I just spent a bunch of time collating '82 cards, and I decided that I don't really think it's a good set for the most part. It wanted to be, but it isn't. But back to Gantner, he's one of the semi-forgotten Brewer guys amid all the Molitor and Yount worship, but he had a long, solid career in Milwaukee (admittedly, I barely remember seeing any of it), and while I'm not about to knock Thorzul out of the top spot or anything, I like me some '80s Brewers. They're a direct descendent of the Pilots (and an indirect ancestor of the '93 Phillies), remind me a lot of a beer league team, and they're also a reminder of a simpler time when the team was in the AL and Bud Selig wasn't the worst person ever.

Somehow, in the midst of this Brewers lovefest, I forgot to post the most atypical card of Cecil Cooper that I think I've seen. The inset picture's got this great "Deep Thoughts With Cecil Cooper" look about it, or like the cover picture for his Philly Soul album. All kidding aside, it's a very different kind of card picture for Cecil, and I like it.

Jumping ahead (and behind at the same time, how quantum!) in years, this is a really nice card of Scott Brosius, who I hardly have any cards of. I should work on that. Even when Brosius had an off year (and he had them with Saberhagen-esque consistency), he was fun to watch, a great team guy who gave it all on the field. I'd take one Scott Brosius over a teamful of A-Rods.

And finally for today...

 His best years came and went kinda quickly, he was long gone from the Brewers or even the Cardinals by this point, but even at the end of his run, Sixto Lezcano still had that twinkle in his eye that made him more than just a guy with a really friggin' cool name.

More cards over the weekend! Have a good one!

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