Friday, December 3, 2010

My Trade With Bo, Part II of 2847592947582: "If they were making a movie..."

Bo Trade At A Glance:

 As I made my way through the colossal box of handpicked-for-me cards, I came across the following cards which would make a casting agent's job really easy:

Seth Rogen is Dennis Leonard in "Royals"!

C'mon, there were a lot of messed up dudes in that clubhouse during Leonard's era (figure '75-'81). I smell an awesome drug comedy cleverly disguised as a baseball movie. Hell, the inevitable scene where a bunch of ballplayers get high and play in the Kauffman Stadium fountains after hours to the tune of "Longer" by Dan Fogelberg would be worth the price of admission.

"Brave Cardinal: The Bob Horner Story", starring John C. Reilly! 

(Think Cal Naughton Jr. Reilly instead of Steve Brule Reilly.) 

The Bob Horner in Japan sequences would be awesome, and Will Ferrell could play Ted Turner! Who would they get to play Dale Murphy, though? The best I've got off the top of my head would be Zac Efron, based on a slight resemblance and the dual absurdity of him being cast in the first place topped off by him being cast alongside a much older Reilly as guys who are around the same age. I have no idea if Efron would actually be any good, though. Can that kid act and/or do comedy? Actually, screw that, Brandon Routh would make a great Dale Murphy. He can do comedy and he already did Superman, so Murph would be the next step up.

This post was brought to you by card sorting-related brain damage.

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