Saturday, December 4, 2010

My Trade With Bo, Part V of 2847592947582: Maybe '90 Fleer Didn't Suck

Bo Trade At A Glance:

Another set that rather surprisingly popped out at me while I was going through my haul was the 1990 Fleer set. I'd never been impressed by any of it before, but the following cards made me want to take another look at the set as a whole, just to make sure I'm not missing anything else.

Everything about this Eric Davis card looks smooth and seamless. It's as if his batting stance and this Reds uniform were custom-built for '90 Fleer, or vice-versa. Most of the Davis cards I have (perhaps because of his injury history) are portraits, so it's also cool to see an action shot here.

Man, Olerud's awesome. I really hope he gets enough votes to stay on the Hall Of Fame ballot, because he was a terrific player, and just as good if not better than Keith Hernandez, whose exclusion people still bitch about. This is a really solid looking rookie card, he looks happy to be there, and the random person in the sweatshirt in the left of the shot doesn't even detract much. My only regret is that the graphic designers didn't let the tip of the glove hang over the blue border like they did the helmet.

Eisenreich looks wonderfully goofy here, almost like he's doing a duck walk out of the batter's box while watching the ball travel. The best of these cards that I've seen seem to have the flow that this card and the Eric Davis have, where the front leg is planted near the lower part of the name banner. As for Jim Eisenreich himself, people of course talk about how Jim overcame Tourette Syndrome to have a successful career in the bigs, but what doesn't get mentioned much is that he apparently has a very dry sense of humor. John Kruk ribbed the heck out of this guy while they were both on the Phils, called him "Dahmer" because of how quiet and stone-faced he was, on top of the issue of his condition. Jim, however, was a total sport, played along with it in a very deadpan way, and I just read in comments here that he loved being a Phillie after Kruk broke the ice by busting on him (prior to that, apparently he felt like his TS was an elephant-in-the-room thing).

Last '90 Fleer for today, as it's the last one from this set that I scanned from the Bo trade (there may have been a few more, but I'm blanking and not at home with my cards as I write this). Quis looks like he's throwing sidearm to avoid that Cardinals logo floating near his left shoulder here, and the photographer also snapped this one at a great time, right as he was releasing the ball. Because of his two-finger release and the timing, his hand and the ball sorta blur together. It's still one of those alternate universe kinda things, seeing Dan Quisenberry in another uni (not unlike the Willie Wilson thing; seriously, try to imagine George Brett in another uniform and you'll get how I feel about these two), but this is at least a happier looking shot than the '89 Upper Deck I also posted from this deal.

We're in the home stretch on this trade, folks. One more post to go, coming right up, and it should be a gem!

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  1. Fred McGriff's 90 Fleer is really awesome too - was just looking at it today. It's a posed portrait shot, but a cool one, and the colors really pop.


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