Saturday, December 4, 2010

My Trade With Bo, Part VI of 2847592947582: The Many Mullets (and beards) Of Mitch Williams

Bo Trade At A Glance:

OK, folks, it's time for the main event! I got a lot of Mitch Williams cards in this deal. This was awesome, because when I got to that part of the alphabet in the box from Bo, I was blown away by the sheer mulletude of the cards. (Man, Mullets Galore is really gone? That's just sad.) This was what seemed like a never-ending stream of Mitch-with-a-mullet cards! Below are just a few of the highlights, arranged in chronological order in an attempt to capture the evolution of not only Mitch's mullet, but also his facial hair, which is pretty sweet too.

'88 Donruss: It's 1987, and Mitch has started the party in the back! He appears to be deep in thought here, perhaps about his hair's next move. "I could grow it long, but Bobby V may give me a hard time about it. Maybe I'll try it next season, anyway. Incaviglia's been rocking the beard pretty well lately, and he hasn't heard boo about it. Come to think of it, how about a beard?"

"Well, that didn't go so hot. Guess I'll hold off on the beard for now. But hey, at least the hair's grown out now! They're probably not gonna make me cut it if it's already there, right? Wow, these pants are tight."

"ALRIGHT! I love this team! I get to rock the long hair AND the neck beard here, and we're winning, too! I could totally get used to this..."

"Dang. Traded again. The neck beard wasn't that bad, was it? Zimmer was trying to tell me that the GM thought it took something off my fastball. Could that be true? Maybe it is. Well, I trimmed it, refined it if you will, at the hotel. We'll see how this goes."

"What's that, Dutch? Oh yeah, I grew the beard out again. That GM can kiss my...oh, yeah, the hair's getting longer, too! I wanna see if I can grow it longer than that Johnson guy over in the AL has his!"

Finally, after much experimentation Mitch finds his inner Zen. "Yeah, this'll work. Goatee. Hair's at just the right length, too. Johnson can grow it to his knees for all I care, this feels good. BOOSH!"

Thanks again to Bo for all the cards, and thanks to those of you who've read any of or, if you're brave, all six posts about one stinkin' trade!

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