Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The rest of the "CAPTION THIS CARD!" prizes!

Folks, you've got 9 days and a few hours left to play "CAPTION THIS CARD!", and I've just added the final, awesome pieces to the prize package! I'm very happy with the package I'll be giving away, as I think it's a really nice way to cap off a great start for this site in 2010 and thank you all for your support. The rest of the package can be seen at the link above, but now available to the winner (the contest is "winner take all", judged by yours truly) are the following cards...

Little Bobby bunting! Yep, for those who can't read silver lettering on scans, it's a prospect card of Bobby Abreu from 1994.

"I got mad hits, like I was Rod Carew!"


Amazingly, this is currently my only duplicate copy of Roberto Alomar's rookie card. It's still about three too many, but your mileage may vary!

And finally...

Yep, that's Cal. It's a well-loved '82 Fleer Cal (capturing the condition of the corners wasn't happening easily, but I can assure you that they're worn), but it's still a friggin' Cal Ripken, Jr. rookie card, yours for the small price of being wittier than the other 3 people who've come up with a caption for the following 1959 Topps card:

Seriously, though. Two posts about this (now three), the link all over the place, and only three entries so far? I read a lot of your stuff, and I know you folks are really, really funny. Get to work! Let's see some entries! Post your caption for the Larsen/Stengel card here or on the original post!

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