Thursday, December 9, 2010

Review: Random Stuff I Got At The Card Shop Yesterday

So yesterday, I go into my local, which, as of today, I've been a customer of for 30 years. (Short and somewhat morose version of how I remember this: John Lennon died. Mom and sister went to buy the record at a store near the card shop the next morning. I went with them, found the card/comic store and the rest is history. At least something good came out of that.) It was one of those "OK, only going in for supplies and for my Gridiron Giveaway card" visits that of course got a little out of hand, but not too much. Here were some of the highlights, if you will...

That Starlin Castro, he's an agile one!

Livan Hernandez, not quite as much. From the positioning of his delivery, it looks like the ball will arrive at home plate sometime after the end of the Mayan calendar. I love this guy, though. I'm not full-on collecting him, but how can you not love this guy and this card? I hope he sticks around forever and wins 300, which may well take him forever on the Nats.

Donruss (yes, plain ol' Donruss) hockey! It's a card of my Isles' poor, beleaguered backup goaltender, Dwayne Roloson. He was really, really frustrating to watch last year, when he seemed like the reason they blew a lot of games late down the stretch. This year, with my poor Isles playing abyssmally and seemingly unable to score, Roli's actually been playing better than the back-to-full-health Rick DiPietro in the games I've watched, not that this helps much. 

Let's not think too much more about how the Isles are playing, though, and focus instead on that classy looking "d" in the bottom left. With the benefit of hindsight, I can't say a lot of nice things about Donruss post-1984, and that's a lot of product, some of it very popular and famous, to not be able to say nice things about. Really, '82-'84 were their years, back when the card stock didn't disintegrate when you breathed on it, production wasn't super high and the card designs were pretty good (and in '84's case, great). I miss those years, and I'm starting to grab those cards. Even though Donruss are owned by Panini now and it's a much different world now, I really dig the nod to the "old" Donruss on this card design. If they ever get a baseball license back and print the cards on something a little heartier than tissue paper, I'd be happy to see that "d" on the baseball cards, too.

Hey, it's Knowshon! This card is from the Topps Prime football set, which is another football product Topps are flooding the market with this year. I got a few of these cards yesterday, but Middletown, NJs's finest is who I decided to show you guys. The photography's not bad, the design reminds me of '08 Upper Deck (lots of real estate for the picture in full bleed, pretty "pure card"), the card's definitely sturdy and the colors pop, but I still don't know that I'm totally sold. I'll see how other cards look and take it from there. I'm still really trying to find myself with football product, the lines change so much from year to year that it makes it hard for me to settle in, and I still honestly don't know who or what I'm seriously collecting yet. Don't get me wrong, I like football cards, but I need to get my sea legs.

Last card for today. Yep, it was in the case and inexpensive, so I had to. Between her role in Borat and hearing Hugh Hefner cheer Pam on when she was on "Dancing With The Stars", I've gotten a soft spot for her in recent years. Just about anyone who's cool with Hef is cool with me. Plus, she's on a card as a fan of a college baseball team. How many big muckety-mucks would do that? Pam's OK in my book.


  1. I don't think you'll get much push back from most of us on having a Pam!

  2. I don't know, some folks definitely got Pammed out over the last decade or so, but like I said, I'm sorta warming up to her. Girl's been through a lot and she's still out there doing her thing. Plus, again, she's totally representing for a college baseball team. Not football, not an MLB team, college baseball. Good for her!


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