Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Round-Up!

Damn cold weather. Cannot stay awake in it! While I'm trying to wake up and dealing with updating my trade list (ow), here's a bunch of stuff scattered all over the 'net that's worth looking at, and a few cards that can't seem to find their way into any articles!

Man, I love old hockey cards.

The 50 best baseball players not in the Hall of Fame is a pretty deep article based on a poll the author conducted of pretty much every eligible (and permanently ineligible) name not yet in the Hall. Josh (who made to the midpoint of his awesome '78 Braves series with this post this morning, apropos of nothing) was among those polled, for those looking for a card tie-in. I'm one of the more insane, foaming-at-the-mouth critics of the Hall out there (it really is a love-hate thing for me), and I've been trying to find a way to address the subject since I started doing this site, to no avail (I'll probably nail it right after I get angry at the BBWAA vote; after yesterday's farce of a Veterans' Committee vote, I'm actually too angry to write much about it even if I am happy for Pat Gillick). In the meantime, this will do, and give me one more thing to add to the debate that rages in my head.

GREAT interview over at Bo's this morning with long-time Fleer photographer Steve Babineau. Steve was super forthcoming and generous with his time and information, and there are a number of legitimate scoops in the interview too, including the probable identity of the person who really defaced Billy Ripken's bat! (I know, Bill's said that he did it in recent years, but I've always suspected a cover-up.)

SSPC Mick! This is the best card not to make it into the main "Pure Card" set. It was part of the 6 card promo set that SSPC sent out, but for some reason, didn't make the final cut even though all sorts of cards of fellow retired legends like Willie Mays, Duke Snider and so forth did. One of these days, when I'm feeling ambitious enough, I'll do a lengthy profile on the SSPC set (I need to do '07 Goudey, '10 Heritage and the '70s Topps Burger King sets as well; next year's gonna be busy!).

There's still 4 slots left in Thorzul's December Group Break. He's cracking a box of '05 Bowman Sterling (That self-serving motherscratcher wants the Braun rookie!) and a box of '07 Upper Deck Legendary Cuts (Lots of great, before-they-lost-their-soul Yankees in that set, so I was like *yoink!*; this of course means that the big hit in the Bowman Sterling box will be of a Yankee ex-prospect). There are still good teams to grab with the 4 spots remaining (Cubs, Pirates, Mets and A's are all still up for grabs) and your entry gets you a second team chosen at random from the list! At $32.50, it's a little steep, but consider it a Christmas present for yourself. (Disclaimer: I have no official affiliation with Thorzul or this break beyond that Thorzul's good people, I'm in the break, and I want to see what cards I get as soon as possible.)

New Infinite Baseball Card today! No sign of 21 yet, but it's good to see a new card in the meantime, and it sounds like Gary had a good vacation.

Finally, it's Wade Boggs, in the round! I got this card out of the Jiffy Pop package back in '86. I don't eat a lot of Jiffy Pop, so this is the only card I have from the set. The form factor reminds me a bunch of Puck Attax, which I love (and which Topps may have sadly abandoned, no sign of a '10-'11 set). Anyone else got any Jiffy Pop cards?

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