Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Smedcards: The Trade!

Yes. It's a bear.

And a tree.


Smed and I spent most of the past week or two hashing out a pretty good sized trade, and despite all the fun with the weather in the Midwest, we both got our stuff today. Aside from the bear and the tree, which are both awesome, here's some of what came my way...

Do not attempt to adjust your monitor. This is really a 2009 game-worn jersey card of Mark Prior, who hasn't pitched in the majors since 2006. My guess is that they've got about 100 Prior Cubs jerseys laying around at Upper Deck and they were just putting these cards out periodically to mess with us. Well, guys, you're outta luck now, aren't you?  Back to Prior, though. I'd love to see this guy make a comeback. Good pitcher when he came up, and he still hasn't given up after years of issues and frustration. Hopefully, the reports we got at the end of the season about Prior finally pitching effectively again in the minors are true, and we might actually get to see him use a new uniform this coming season, even if it'd make this card a lot less weird.

Man, Nomo looks WEIRD here. It's like Little Penny Nomo or something! What a messed up insert set.

Close your legs, Hanley, or Don Johnson's gonna pick you up! I like this card of him a bunch, actually. Hanley can be tough to like if you don't have him in your keeper fantasy league (BOOSH!), but he's a hell of a player when he's motivated, and he gives good card.

Hey, remember this guy?

OK, how about this guy? I love Dontrelle like the son I'll never have. Another one I really want to see get it together. I'm nervous about him being in the same organization as Dusty, Destroyer Of Arms, but maybe he can get the kid back on track and get him having fun out there again. There were glimpses of him still having it this year, but they were brief. When I was reading about Gary's latest card subject, Johnny Vander Meer over the weekend, there were definite echoes of Dontrelle's story in his story. I just wanna see the guy have fun again.

Let's do some cool facial hair stuff. Check out the 'burns on The Dominican Dandy! Those are some fine lookin' lambchops! As an aside, that "TRADED" logo on the card sure saved the airbrush guys a lot of work, didn't it?

I could swear I've seen Steve Rogers in Williamsburg, wearing the Expos uniform and everything. He lives in New Jersey these days, so it's not too far-fetched!

Dock's sportin' mean 'burns and a Fu Manchu here! Always good to see Dock, even if this card is a little off-center. Dock was, too.

It's really just a matter of time until I post every Gorman Thomas card.

Kitty's got some 'burns going on here too, and a half-assed airbrush job, too. Why isn't this guy in the Hall yet?

I have to stop showing you people my Dick so often. This "return to the franchise that made him great" did not end well, apparently. I'm reading The Fall of the 1977 Phillies: How a Baseball Team's Collapse Sank a City's Spirit right now, and I'm told that the book touches on this. I'll let you know what I find out.

Bill Lee looks like a complete and utter badass here. Looking at this picture, I get why kids who grew up in or near Boston in the '70s became Sox fans. If only they'd stopped being Sox fans when Pedro came to town...

The last two cards are short prints from '09 Topps Updates & Highlights. I haven't checklisted these out yet, but I'm always happy to get 'em when I find 'em. I've got 5 in total (Roger Maris, Bo Jackson, Rogers Hornsby, this card and the one below) out of I think 35 cards of guys who are mostly in odd uniforms for them. This Ty Cobb card is kinda striking, even if the quasi-colorization of it puts me off just a little. It's also the only card I have of Cobb that has a clear picture of him on it. Cobb looks really old here, even for being in his 40s, nearly "Honus Wagner as a coach" old. His facial expression is a little hard to nail down, too. There's focus, there's a touch of that meanness that's the stuff of legend where Cobb's concerned, but there's something else here. Maybe it's insecurity, being toward the end of his career, maybe it's sadness. I don't know. It's a card I can see myself trying to read for a long time.

Last card for tonight. Duke Snider, in a Mets uniform, at (I think) the Polo Grounds. Not the weirdest thing ever, as you do get to see a real Mets cap on the '64 Topps card, but not this much of the uniform. It's a pretty sharp looking picture, too. The pose is a little awkward, but there's a sharpness to the photograph that you don't see a lot of in '60s baseball photography. Maybe that's Photoshop talking, or maybe this is just really well-preserved.  What I'd really like to see, if it exists, is a Snider-on-the-Giants card. If not, get to work, Topps (or whoever)!

All in all, another terrific trade, and I didn't even show you guys half of what I got yet (my first '07 Goudey relic, a Grady Sizemore, was in here...I also got a Vlad relic from the same Fleer Ultra subset as the Dontrelle, looks like the same fabric, too, heh...some more '70s stuff, some more Ginters, some Heritage, an '09 Topps 206 Campanella short print...wow...). Smed took really good care of me. Thanks again to him for an awesome deal! Go check out his site and trade him some stuff he needs!


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