Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Some f00'ball cards from this afternoon...

I hit my local today to pick up Week 16 of the f00'ball Giveaway, and came across a few cards worth bringing home.

First up, Topps Magic is out this year, and it looks pretty smoove. Ford did a nice job of saving my other WRs' asses down the stretch in fantasy this year, too, so I grabbed this card and his regular Topps card to thank him.

 More Raidery fun, from when the Raiders were actually the Raiders and Al Davis was only 175 years old. This card is actually a mini. It's just a little smaller than the '80s Topps minis were, but has similar dimensions.

An awesome Knowshon card from the College To Pro insert set. Inserted into what, I have no idea, as I haven't opened any Topps f00'ball packs this year.

More College To Pro, this time Drew Brees. Sorry, Atlantans! I like me some Whodat.

Aaaaaand sorry again, Atlantans! This guy's pretty awesome. He's got that "can carry an entire city on his shoulders" vibe to him that you want your team's quarterback to have.

Joe Webb's not quite there yet, but he sure has been fun to watch in his first couple of appearances. If this kid catches on, even with the ball obscuring part of his face, this'll become one of the all-time great rookie cards, just because it's so unlikely. I've got my fingers crossed, because he really has been a blast to watch, and because, after having to endure two years of the Brett Favre circus and having the Metrodome's roof collapse (I'm really glad Target Field exists right about now), Minnesotans could use a break.

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