Friday, December 10, 2010

Some Friday night housekeeping...

Earlier in the week, I added the '10 Absolute Memorabilia Football White Monolith Of I Hate You Panini, I PRAISE YOU 24/7!!!!!! AND THIS HOW YOU DO ME!!!!! card to the prize package on the "CAPTION THIS CARD!" contest, but I didn't give the full story on where it came from. It's an old story, one we've all heard or even lived. I was bored, in a Target and they had retail packs of Absolute Memorabilia. One of them was thicker than the others, which either means "decoy card" (in Target, it usually does, for me, anyway) or it means "good stuff". I felt like taking a chance, seeing what the cards looked like and again, I was bored, so I slapped down my three dollah, and sure enough, this happened:

I'm trying to turn a lemon into a lesbian here, by making it a 1/1 autographed sketch card done by yours truly and including it in the prize package for the contest, but I'm still annoyed. I'm used to being treated that way by Upper Deck, but Panini? Really?

Anyway, before we move on, here are some other cards from the pack that don't have Tom Brady (also included in the prize package) on them:

(Crocs not included. Some enterprising card company should try to buy those Crocs off of him and use them for relic cards.)

Pretty amazing that this guy's become one of the greatest punchlines of all time as well as one of the greatest QBs. His career path, in some ways, has been similar to Roger Clemens' career path, but Brett, I can still laugh about where Roger's just sad to me.

Nice to see McFadden getting himself on track this year. Now if only the Raiders could do something about that owner of theirs.

As packs of base cards go, once I got past the huge hunk of white cardboard in the middle, I was pretty happy with this one. Got these two, DeSean Jackson and a bunch of other not-so-bad guys. Got the Brady card too, which I've found a use for.

The card design, if we must speak of it, is pretty blinged out. It reminds me a little of the Diamond P-12 car in Burnout Paradise, really tacky yet fun for some unknown reason. (By the way, if any of you are in the minority of Burnout players and play on the Playstation 3, let me know! Always looking for people to play that awesome, awesome game with.)

If I had to give the pack a star rating, it'd be ** 1/2 out of 5. It would've been a point higher, were it not for the decoy card. Why waste cardboard and make collectors unhappy?

Now, here's some other, totally unrelated stuff that I haven't found an excuse to post yet!

I got a nice lot of '69 Pilots from eBay recently, for even less than I paid for the '70s (admittedly, the '70s had the team card, but still!). Gus is probably the best of them, conditionwise and uniform visibility-wise (even if it's the pre-regulation, spring training uni that the Pilots wore before they got the good ones). Very close to finishing both Topps Pilot sets now.

The other, heavily airbrushed Graig Nettles card I was missing from my Topps base collection. Looks weird, don't it?

Barbaro totally misses Sparky. So does Chris Pittaro, but I don't have any Chris Pittaro cards that aren't packed away in set-ville.

My guess is that he's only smiling like that because he can't see the "Phillies" hovering above his head. This card is probably as great an example of irony as the Mark Prior 2008 game-worn relic card that I've got coming from Smed, if not a smidge greater.

Finally, coffee stain or not, I'm really glad to have this Dick Estelle rookie! No idea who that other dude is, though. I keed, I keed.

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