Saturday, December 25, 2010

Some more cards to cap off 2010...

I was jonesing for a reason to post tonight that didn't involve a ton of research, so I decided to look through the "current year" box and pick out some cards that, by now, most of you have probably seen a million times, but which I haven't posted about yet and I really enjoyed.

Can you believe that I actually got this Triple Threads Dizzy Dean card, numbered 65/99 from a commons pile? Maybe you can. I know some of you freak out when people find old vintage stuff in a commons box, as I do, but this is a card of Dizzy Dean (a guy who I don't see in that many sets) that less than 100 examples exist of and, base-ish card or not, it came from a crazy expensive pack of cards. It can be had for under $2 on Check Out My Cards and there are some poor souls on eBay trying to get $4-6 for it, but I think I got it for either a dime or a quarter. I understand why my local had it so cheap (it's a very New York teams/rookies/Pujols/Hall Of Famers that casual fans from NJ have heard of market and they've got limited shelf space, plus it makes people happy when they get a bargain on good stuff), but still, the commons pile? I feel like I did really well there. 

Even if I took a bath on the price, it's a beautiful card (hence my blowing it up REALLY big). When I came across it in my 2010 box, I stopped and really soaked the card in for a minute. We see a lot of bad photo retouching on cards, but this card is gorgeously done. I dig that you can see the texture of the flannel on Dizzy's uniform. I think they did a fairly rare good job on the quasi-colorization (better than on the '09 Update SPs, even). I also love the other players sort of obscured in what looks like a misty background, and I especially love what looks like a Ferris Wheel further in the background. Might be a tree or something else, but to me, it looks like a Ferris Wheel, so I say it's a Ferris Wheel!

I think I'll go big on all the cards tonight. Let me know in comments if it's crazy-making. I'm enjoying that I can see the detail and that they fit in my layout. The "Franchise History" subset in '10 Topps was one of the few things I liked about the set, but I've liked every card I can remember seeing so far. I've got the Mets with Seaver at the Shea closing ceremonies, the Rangers with Ryan, the Jays with Cito Gaston holding the trophy and breaking the "no crying in baseball" rule, and this one, which is my favorite for obvious reasons, even if it makes me sad. Were I to ever acquire the ability to time travel, rather than visiting lost loved ones, altering history in a positive way or anything like that, the first thing I'd do is go to a game at Ebbets Field. It breaks my heart that this place isn't there anymore. It looks like the coolest ballpark ever.

Some folks are glad to see Topps 206 go, and I agree that Topps really needs to focus their product lines a lot better, but there were a couple of great cards in this year's set, and this Vlad is definitely one of them. Great card that does an awesome job of capturing one of my favorite players. Admittedly, it was rough watching him field in NL parks during the post-season. The whole thing made me sad for him because he used to be so good in right field, with almost no cameras or national media attention within miles of him most of the time, and by the time he finally got to the Series, he really didn't have much left out there anymore. I hope he makes it back to the playoffs again soon and has a great run, because I'd love for him to do something awesome that people won't soon forget, and I think he still has that in him. He's still a better hitter than Hideki Matsui is (I love him, but it's true), and look at what 'Zilla did in his last World Series. I'd like to see Vlad light it up like that on the big stage at least once.

Here's another great one from 206. Admittedly, though, it's damn hard to do a bad Yogi Berra card.

See? I don't even like Turkey Red, but this was another too-awesome-to-pass-up Yogi that I came across this year.

What cards did you guys love this year that you haven't seen me (or other people) talk about online yet?

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