Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sometimes, people do stuff to cards.

From the front, this 1981 Donruss Rusty Kuntz card looks normal. Well, as normal as a Rusty Kuntz card can be, anyway. However, if you flip it over...

Yes, Ben Henry had his way with it! Ben used to send out a card like this with every trade he did (at least with me, anyway), but this is probably my favorite. Eventually, he sent me an unvandalized '81 Kuntz, too.

This is another card I got from Ben. J.R.'s mojo was such that he needed red lines drawn on him to illustrate just how truly powerful it was.

I actually got this Munson in the first copy of the '79 Burger King Yankees team set I picked up. Bum deal, right? No idea what the foreign substance is that appears to have burrowed a hole in his brain. Hasn't Thurman been through enough, man?

Finally today, a personal favorite of mine, though a scan does it no justice. You'll note that I've got extra space around the edges of this 1980 Topps Rick Cerone card, which is something I never do with normal cards on here if I can help it. However, this is no normal card. You see, when I got it, it was during Rick Cerone's first (and, some would argue, only; I still love the guy, though) summer of glory as a Yankee, and it being my first Rick Cerone card, and, even more amazing, a card of him before he was a Yankee, I decided that this card was important enough to laminate, so it would withstand the rigors of being in my wallet, travelling with me and other wear and tear! Yes, that space around the card is actually laminated. Once, many years later, I tried to see if I could remove it from the lamination. This didn't go so well, so I pressed it back together, and it's like that to this day. All things considered, the lamination did exactly what I wanted it to as a 6 year old!

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