Wednesday, December 8, 2010

SpastikMooss: The Trade!

As some of you may have seen over in his neck of the woods, SpastikMooss (he of The Great Sports Name Hall Of Fame) and I completed a trade over the weekend. Here's a few of the highlights. The story you are about to see is true. The names are pretty awesome in a few cases, so I'm not changing any of them.

Certainly not this guy's, anyway. The Mooss wouldn't let me finish the deal without a Pete LaCock card, since it came out in our discussions that I didn't have any. There were actually two in the deal, but I feel that this one really captures the essence of Pete LaCock.

I've been intrigued for a while about Toe Nash (a sad story; I collect those) but hadn't gotten around to digging for cards yet. This is a good start.

I don't think Panda's going to be a sad story, though. Let's face it, the guy did have a rough year, but he also just went through a divorce at a very young age. I see him bouncing back (have my fingers crossed, anyway), and I'm glad I have one of his rookie cards now!

Digging this Jordan card a lot. Love the tongue hangin' out action. Jordan's probably the only basketball player I collect, which kinda sucks because I sold my '86 Fleer set, mostly assembled from packs, years ago. Eventually, I'm probably going to sell one of my legs for another copy of that set. In the meantime, at least I have this!

I've just noticed that Andy Etchebarren kinda looks like my friend Derek, who makes really fun stuff. Seriously, follow the link I used for his name, you'll see.

A double dose of Sixto! Funnily enough, Spastik says this card came from Bo initially. I'm STILL in the middle of trading with that guy! Sixto looks a little like a wax sculpture of Sixto in this picture. It's a little weird.

He's back to his old self in this one, though, even though he's in a Phillies uniform that looks airbrushed on!

Finally, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the Albert Belle cards I got in this deal. All 54 of them. Yep, while I do collect Albert, there were no doubles in the stack and they were all cards I needed, I got what may well have been a Belle Bip (DeVoe)! (Can it be a Bip if you don't mind what you get, but you get a LOT of it?) While I am not going to scan all 54 cards (just adding them to my have list was enough work), I will show you my favorite of the 54, this righteous Topps Etch-A-Sketch card. Yep, someone actually drew that portrait of Belle with an Etch-A-Sketch.

Great trade, all in all! Thanks, Spastik!

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