Thursday, December 16, 2010

"There's still a few more fish inside..."

So, I'm coming up to a total "Pee-wee and the pet shop fire" moment. As some of you know, my trade list is a work in progress. Well, I'm running out of "progress" to make. I've got some random odds and ends laying around in the baseball department, some other sports and non-sports stuff, and about 2700 1987 Topps baseball commons that are uncatalogued and unsorted.

Now, while I probably am nuts enough to sort and catalog 2700 Cards You Wish Your Mom Threw Out (don't get me wrong, I love '87 Topps, but not enough to have this many friggin' doubles), and in the grand scheme of things, that number's a drop in the bucket (especially compared to, you know, having real problems), but I'm not looking forward to doing it, and if I can find something more creative or productive to do with them than putting them on a trade list where they'll get picked at 100 at a time at most, if I'm lucky (going by how my trades with set-builders have gone thus far), that'd be awesome. I've thought about finding some way to give 'em out to kids this holiday season, but do kids, even poor ones, really want my '87 Craig Reynolds doubles?

I suppose I could Bip someone with 2700 '87 Topps cards. That would be like the nuclear option, though.



  1. May I say LOL, sir?


    (I don't know what to do with my multiple monster boxes filled with junk commons either)

  2. A friend of mine planted the seeds of a fantastic idea for these cards in my head (Thanks, Kelly!), but it's still, if I may quote Pee-wee again, "James Bond kinda stuff".

    '86-back and '88-forward, I've got just about everything logged, but '87, nope. I did a 30,000-ish common card purge at the end of the '90s (that I of course have mixed feelings about now; on one hand, I sold off some stuff I'd like to have now for peanuts, but on the other, I'd hate to catalog what I had), but because I didn't have an '87 Topps set assembled at the time, I kept them. Set's together now, and I'm like "Oh. Crap."

    Like I said, though, I do have an idea for them, if I can work out the particulars and if another, even better idea doesn't come my way. Stay tuned!


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