Tuesday, December 21, 2010

This may be a better rookie than that Brien Taylor card...

Bob Scheetz, renaissance man, jersey collector, umpire school attendee, Phillies fan, guy at the card counter of my local shop and GM of more than a few fantasy teams, including some in my leagues over the past few years, finally has a rookie card. He was actually profiled in the NY Times and appeared in a major motion picture before fellow fantasy leaguer "Stubby" finally brought the magic of Bob to cardboard. He's like the Maury Wills of card shop guys or something.

This card was issued in a limited edition of 7 by Stubbly Bubbly Cards, and I was lucky enough to get my filthy little hands on one. Sadly, he hasn't signed it yet. He claims that he's holding out on an exclusive deal from Topps. What a mercenary.

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