Friday, December 10, 2010

What I'm doing about other sports and non-sports cards...

I'm going long on this one, so bear with me. I'd mentioned recently that I have no real idea who or what I'm collecting in f00'ball. That actually extends to the other 2 major non-baseball sports (hockey and basketball). So, I sat down this morning, went through my box of non-baseball stuff, and came to a few conclusions about what I'm going to collect moving forward, and what I actually have been collecting without being fully aware of it. Let's start with...


Gotta start with Broadway. I don't have a lot of his stuff, and some of it, like the Tall Boy rookie, I may never have, but Namath's the first football player I'd ever heard of, and he's also helped me kill many an opponent in Madden '94, along with this guy...

Man, that haircut's badass. As are Kellogg's 3D cards.

Here's another Joe that didn't suck! I'm gonna have a hard time getting his first couple of cards, but I've already got '84-'86 Topps. Same deal with our next contestant...

Gotta say this: poor John Elway looks like someone just came from the future and told him it'd take him forever to win a Super Bowl. Maybe they even came from a point in the future where he hadn't yet. He did, though!

Much love for The Fridge! Dude was like a super-hero. He's also got his own GI Joe figure, which you can't say for many other people. Yeah, Sgt. Slaughter's in the club too, which may make it appear slightly less prestigious to some folks, but to blazes with them!

This dude had a cannon on him. Not only that, but he's a CFL guy. I loves me some Canadian f00'ball.

Barry Sanders is another guy I just love. He played during an era when I didn't watch a lot of f00'ball, but whenever I happened to see him on a field, it brought a smile to my face.

I've already posted this card (and a link to the commercial). Look it up under the tag, should be there. To me, "Mean" Joe Greene is the Pittsburgh Steeler.

Even when he played for the Pats, who I can't stand, I loved Doug Flutie. Guy just did not quit.

In this picture, Ickey is not yet Shuffling, but he will be.

OK, those are the retired guys I collect, as put into writing today, December 10th, 2010.

Now, to the active guys...

In the time that I've been buying new f00'ball cards again, Ronnie Brown has consistently had the best cards in every set he's been in. This guy, in addition to that whole Wildcat thing, has accomplished the once-thought-impossible feat of being making the Dolphins a team I don't hate anymore just about single-handedly.

It's still mighty tough for me to like the Ravens, between their origins as the team that bailed on Cleveland and that Lewis guy they have on D, but I gotta say, the next generation of Ravens, led by Mr. Joe Flacco here, is making it harder for me to dislike them. Joe just seems like a good guy, and he's a Jersey guy, too.

We can include Ray Rice in that bunch, too. I don't follow the college game, but Ray came from Rutgers, I'm told, so there's another Jersey connection.

Hey, another Jersey guy! Knowshon's from Middletown, NJ, not far from me at all. His newspaper clippings used to get hung in lobby of the Modell's Sporting Goods near me when he was coming up through the college ranks. I can't complain about what he's done for my fantasy team this year when he's been healthy, either.

Last Jersey guy, well, adopted Jersey guy anyway. I think it's almost illegal to hate this guy within the state borders. It's sorta like a Springsteen thing. Even the Jet fans seem to (rightfully) pick on his brother more than good ol' Eli here. When he first started playing, he was brutal to watch, yeah. He looked like a deer in headlights the entire time he was on the field, and always seemed to be seconds away from a pick, a sack or a fumble. He's grown into one of the best in the league, though, and it's been fun watching that. Plus, it's fun to yell his name. "ELI!!!!!!!!"

As QBs go, this guy doesn't suck, either.

Despite the Dongmonger circus going on in Minnesota, there are a few kids on the Vikes that are bright spots. I think Toby Gerhart's got a future ahead of him, and while he's been hurt a lot of this year, I've also been digging on Sidney Rice.

I didn't really grasp how cool this shot was when I talked about Topps Prime yesterday. Nice "football in the air" deal, almost looks 3D.

This fella strikes me as one tough hombre. He's another one that's hit a speedbump or two, but once he adjusts to the NFL, look out.

Speaking of tough hombres, James here comes from great stock on that front. His old man's Animal from The Road Warriors! That was one scary tag team.

Last "fantasy team" current player:

I posted about Fred Jackson earlier in the month. Like I said then, he's a very solid guy to have on your fantasy team, and still under the radar for now and probably through next year's draft. It's gonna be great to see what he does now that he's got a starting job (probably) for good.

Now, onto some guys from my teams. I have 1 AFC team (the Steelers) and 1 NFC team (da Bears). It's been tough to watch either recently, because both teams have had, er, issues with their quarterbacks. Again, like the Yankees in baseball, I'm happy to watch a bad team, but it's hard for me to root for even a good team with players I don't like on it. In fairness to the Bears, though, it seems like Jay Cutler may finally be growing up a little, so my fingers are crossed there. Anyway, here's some dudes that make it easier to watch my teams...

Hines Ward. Pure badass.

Lamarr Woodley. This guy's a playmaker. Good stuff happens when he gets involved.

I would hate to be anywhere near the ball when Troy Polamalu's around. If there's a way to steal a football, he'll find it, but usually not until after he destroys whoever has it. Also: best hair in the business.

Last f00'ball playin'-type dude, over on da Bears: Urlacher. Great to see him healthy and making plays again this year.

Next sport...Hockey:

It's almost all about my poor, beleaguered Islanders. Old Isles, new Isles, whatever. I picked 2 cards out to represent the team. The first (Okposo, above) is of a guy who's been out all year with a shoulder issue, and the second, below, is of a guy they let go despite being one of their best playmakers last season, Sean Bergenheim.

Enjoy him, Lightning fans. *sigh*

Beyond the Isles, I like pretty much all vintage hockey cards (some of the best graphic design ever), have fallen in love with the '79-'80 set(s) recently, both originals and the '08-'09 O-Pee-Chee retro parallels (I don't have any of either yet, but man, are they cool), I have to get at least one card each of Gordie Howe and Tim Horton (the former because he is hockey, the latter because those places make damn good coffee), and I'll never say no to a card of this guy:

I'd actually forgotten I had this! This is why organizing your collection is a good thing!

Onto basketball, which I can almost completely sum up in two pictures:


(I don't care how overdone the "Scarface movie poster" thing is. This card is badass.)

I am curious about John Brisker too, being that he's one hell of a story (any story that ends with "disappeared in Uganda in 1978" is one I want to know more about), but as far as guys I'll almost always pick up cards of if I can afford 'em, it's Jordan (no matter what sport he's playing) and Dr. J. I need to get a bunch more Dr. J stuff.

The other stuff:

Thanks to John L. here, I'll always be curious about '48 Leaf. I also really like '51 Topps Ringside cards, but don't have any yet. Either of those sets would be murder to build, but they're awesome.

On the non-sports front, I'd love the reprint sets of 1966 Batman and Mars Attacks, along with any full reprint set of Horrors of War cards. I'm also still trying to put together the following two sets:

Garbage Pail Kids Series 2 (see my want list for numbers; I'd love a complete Series 1 too, but unless I find someone who'd trade it to me for a TON of Series 2 doubles, I think I'm out of luck)

...and last, but certainly not least:

I wasn't kidding in my first post when I mentioned Howard The Duck cards! I'm about 20 from a complete set, and I need a bunch of the stickers. I'm probably better off just grabbing a complete set on eBay and Bipping people with my doubles on this front.

Anyway, now that I've squared all of this away, look for a bunch of non-baseball stuff to get added to my trade list over the next few weeks.

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