Tuesday, January 4, 2011

1990 Scoremasters

I've had two of these cards for a long time. I know that I was basically out of the hobby when they came out, but how did I miss how tremendously, undeniably awesome they are until tonight?

Seriously, just look at these cards!

I poked my nose in at eBay just to get an idea of how big the set was and whether the other cards are as awesome as the Winfield and the Fisk, and yes, they are.

This is a set that needs to be built or outright acquired. No hemming and hawing here. I've got 2 cards, it's a 42 card set (without the trivia cards), and I'm sold. Heck, I just found out that there's an '89 set too! I'll also be looking for that. Send me your doubles, readers! I'll take singles or the factory sets! If I end up with doubles because I get the factory jobbers, these'll still make great cards to get autographs on!

Moments like these are what makes all the time I spend sorting out cards so I'll be able to find and look through things totally worth it. I went through the box I have sorted by year/by number (I stopped at 1980; I'll do more as the mood strikes me), and what I call my "Cooperstown box" (the 100 card plastic box I bring with me to Cooperstown so I have cards handy for autos; that's where I found the Scoremasters) tonight, and found all sorts of cards I hadn't thought about posting or, in some cases, cards that I hadn't really soaked in the greatness of yet. While there's a lot that I'd still like to own, certainly, being able to appreciate and re-appreciate what I have already is an awesome, awesome thing (even if it does get me in trouble sometimes, like this). Look for fun stuff all week. I'm recharged for the new year!

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  1. Those are nice. The Fisk is very nice and they'd look great with autos on them.


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