Sunday, January 2, 2011

The First Pack Of 2011!

(You knew I was gonna. Shameless!)

After I got #661, I said I wasn't gonna get any packs of Update, but they were just sitting there looking lonely and mom I promise to feed them and walk them and clean up their number twos can I keep 'em? (Crap. Now I'm gonna have to finish this set, aren't I?)

So, of course, 2nd pack I ever buy of the stuff, I get #661 again. Up for trade, for the 3 of you who don't have one.

Base cards without weird, sacriligious numbering:

5 Troy "Haven't slid like this since Clinton was in office!" Glaus

27 Koyie Hill
67 Kyle Farnsworth
72 Milton Bradley (Might be a double, as I grabbed some stuff from the common pile at my local. Any takers? Nah, didn't think so.)
83 Jeff Suppan
88 Lance "One And Done" Berkman
98 Yunel Escobar


100 Roy Halladay: Ahhh. A card of a guy I collect that I didn't have.

106 Orlando Cabrera: I didn't scan this on the first pass through the cards. No idea how I missed it. Awesome, awesome card. Cabrera should frame the original photo and put it over his fireplace.

113 Brad Ziegler
137 Austin "One And Done: The Other White Meat" Kearns
159 Octavio Dotel
174 Matt Lindstrom
208 Jeff Keppinger

217 Yorvit Torrealba, absolutely ROCKING the throwback Padre uni.

226 Scott Podsednik
256 Mike Gonzalez
261 Jason Vargas
297 Don Kelly
308 Matt Thornton
312 Coco Crisp

Too Many Damned All-Stars:

22 Ty Wigginton
63 David Ortiz Home Run Derby
140 Josh Hamilton (w00, needed this.)

Ironically named Senior Leaguers, er, RC logo cards:

6 Adam Ottavino
120 Brennan Boesch
177 Chris Heisey
202 Mitch Moreland
237 Jhan Marinez

Other Nonsense Topps Puts In Packs:

135 Starlin Castro Rookie Debut: The camera angle and action pose aren't groundbreaking, but this is still a great card. If I were a rookie, I'd be proud to have this in my "rookie card" portfolio. This was my 2nd attempt at scanning the card, though, as I opened the scanner by accident when I was doing the 1st. Let's see how that looked...

Pretty whack, eh? Looks like a Butthole Surfers album cover. Man, I love that band, wish I could've seen 'em on Friday night. Moving on...

Shin-Soo Choo Topps Attax

'95 Jeter Yo Mama card. They couldn't have at least used his actual rookie card, or did they somewhere else in the set? Also: While the rest of the '95 cards I've seen look great, this subset's plain uuuuuugly.

Speakin' of uuuuuugly, it's been said elsewhere, but what a hatchet job they did on this '88-style Vintage Legends card of poor Willie McCovey, eh? Even he's like "They totally screwed up the font and the color scheme, but I've no time to do anything about it, as I've gotta field this." Was '88 that long ago, Topps? It sucks, because the art department does a great job on a lot of stuff, then a stinker like this sneaks through.

The missus, on this card: "Can't sleep. Wagner will eat me." He does look pretty intense here, doesn't he? I wish the modern Turkey Reds (the Vernon Wells I got yesterday was kinda "blah") looked as good as the two I've gotten of old players (Berra and this Wagner) this year. Again, uneven work from the art department, though in fairness to them, they might've only gotten 1 really mediocre picture of Vernon Wells to work with, because nobody cares about poor Vern.

Last card from the pack...

They sure are burning through these cards, aren't they? Cool that I got one with Gerry Dvorak's Mantle on it, though. He brought what may have been the original into my drawing class the first day to show us, if my spotty memory serves me well. Might've been a print, but I think it was original. Long time ago.

The code from this one yielded this:

This is also available, like the Jerry Augustine from yesterday (Smed sent the trade request to the wrong Augustine owner and he accepted, that lucky dog!).

Overall, a fun little rack, decent way to start '11, and I'm an idiot because I'm probably gonna put together the Update set now.


  1. The Update cards DO have some interesting photos. I've only picked up very few, as I do every year. I don't plan to complete the whole set now, but I think I'll pick up some more packs when I'm choosing how to blow my 8 dollars in the card aisle.

  2. The thing is that you can't control who gets your cards. You just throw it out there and someone says, YES! So I'm not the only one getting an offer for my 72 Tom Haller in action - by wanting me to have an 89 Pete Rose manager.

  3. For those MCG trades, if you're trying to do one with a certain person (blogger) you have to be online at the same time to make sure the right person accepts it. All the trades I've done for my little MCG Tradeathon had to be done with both people on the site at the same time. I hope they fix that for the 2011 stuff.

  4. I was going to say "you'd think that a company with designs on the social media and social gaming markets like Topps has would know better", but let's be realistic here: no, they wouldn't.

    Even the seasoned Internet vets who are at the top of their game miss a lot of major points, and I would still call Topps very new to the "social" thing. There's more potential for the company there than maybe even they realize, but it does take time to capitalize on that potential in most cases. Historically, "legacy" media companies have been especially and unfortunately slow on the uptake, especially when coming off a "successful" (I don't know if it made money, but it certainly created a buzz) product launch like Topps had with MCG.

    We can definitely hope they do better next time (particularly on the trade-with-your-friends front), and they've had a year to listen to us complain and take notes, certainly, but will our kvetching, combined with their interest in keeping their own product from being stagnant (if they have said interest) pay off? I guess we'll see in about a month if they've learned much from '10.


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