Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hey, remember these Gridiron thingers? (Wow, is this a scoop?)

If you're like me, you got your "Late Notify" email from Topps today for Week 5 of the promotion. I shot Topps support an email today, just to see if I could find out something more concrete, and Katie at Topps Support assured me that there's an expected date of "early March" on these. A little longer than expected, but at least we've got something less vague to look forward to, and hey, they were free!

Thanks for the update, Katie! We now return you to your regularly scheduled radio silence while I reload Toppstown compulsively. Anyone got a Martin Prado card they can spare on there? There's a Mantle in it for you (on there) if you can login fast enough and send it to me!

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