Thursday, January 13, 2011

Holy crap I won!

See that sneaky sumbitch in the middle with the #7 on his back? I guessed the number of his achievement (they printed a run of limited, numbered cards for each of his 89 RBI), the print number out of the numbered run (out of 150 numbers), and while it didn't count in the contest, the team he was on as well (out of 28 teams; I'm pretty sure there were only 8 players from the Yanks in the set, so I got that close). Had I guessed that it was Mickey Mantle rather than my guesses of Mariano Rivera or Carl Crawford (I did guess correctly on there being a Carl Crawford in the box, too, and I used the same achievement number/card number combo for that pick, as well, so despite having 2 entries in the contest, I handicapped myself), I would've taken home 2 boxes of cards and broken the universe. As is, I get definitely 20 cards plus whatever I get for guessing Crawford correctly.

I'd forgotten I even entered this (total shot in the dark, right?), so it was a great surprise to come home to. Thanks to Jon at Community Gum for running an insanely awesome contest!

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  1. A shot in the dark? That's an understatement. My head is still reeling from my entries. Apparently I won some cards as well, but for the life of me, I cannot figure out how I did it.

    Yes, thanks are in order to CG for that respite from normalcy.

    Nice pickups.


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