Monday, January 17, 2011

I got a bunch of stuff from Thorzul, too.

Rapid-firing these posts off, because I do that sometimes.

I was in two of Thorzul's group breaks in December. One was a legit break, with a box of '05 Bowman Sterling and a box of '07 SP Legendary cuts, and one was a cheapo quasi-break, as 'Zul got a big lot of inserts and such from someone and split off teams for $10. I feel like I did pretty well in both, and while I've covered the main December group break here already, it's a little different once you've got cards in hand (yeah, that's it...) and there was a bunch of stuff in the quasi-break that was fun, so here goes!

This was the "big" hit for me from Sterling, an uncirculated Garret Anderson auto numbered to 33. I'd picked the Yankees and got the Angels as my random second team, and of all the Angels I could've gotten, Garret's probably my least favorite, but as a souvenir from my first break, and because it's kind of cool to have some hard-to-get stuff of guys that you're not necessarily a big fan of, I'll be hanging onto this for now.

I'm probably just misunderstanding the kind of player he was, because I didn't see him play a lot, but whenever I did, be it in a game, a home run derby, whatever, he always seemed like he was putting in the minimum amount of effort to do something that could be seen as great, if that makes sense. It seemed like a lot of stuff came easy to him at his ability level, and he could've done even more amazing things had he really stuck his nose to the grindstone, but he chose the economical route instead. Of course, Garret may have a wildly differing viewpoint here. Perhaps he was busting his ass to make those things look so easy. Angel fans, what do you think?

Speaking of Angels, or ex-Angels, I also got this Steve Marek auto/relic. Steve was one of the components in the trade that brought Mark Teixeira to the Angels, and he's still pitching for the Braves organization.

Here's the C.J. Henry auto mentioned in the break post. I'll be polite here and say that his signature is "compact".

And here's Steven White. Not too shabby, 4 autos (even if they're not great ones) in a single break. I got all base cards out of the Legendary Cuts, but they're nice base cuts from a great set (tempting to build it...must...resist...), so no worries there.

Good ol' Thurman. Man, I wish foil scanned better, because these are gorgeous cards and the scanner did them no justice. Tips on scanning foil, anyone?

Rirruto! I've hardly got any cards of the Scooter, so I was definitely glad to get this, and it's a cool shot of him. Along with those two, I also got Ruth, DiMaggio, Stengel, Johnny Mize and Rod Carew, all nice cards, but if I scanned everything, my brain would explode.

Onto the quasi-break, and the fun there:

Three years or so ago, I would've loved this card. Even now, it's still pretty cool, but not the knockout it'd be if Roger Clemens hadn't peed all over his legacy on national TV.

Bernie, on the other hand? This guy, I love. (More on that soon.) Check out this crazy die-cut refractory embossed action! Man, the '90s...

This guy didn't play in the '90s, but ain't it neat to see him on a '95 card? This one's from the 2010 Vintage Legends collection, if you hadn't seen it before.

To finish off, a few kids who've been getting a bunch of buzz in the Yankee organization and New York press, since I got a bunch of Yankee prospect Bowman Chrome in this break. First, Ivan Nova, who's probably starting the '11 season in the Yankee rotation, barring a lousy spring. Some whispers about him and PEDs last year, no idea if there's anything to them, though. I was talking to someone today about how "interesting" it'd be if Joe Torre took the job in the commissioner's office and had to hand out a PED suspension to a Yankee. Awkward...

To wrap up, here's Dellin Betances, who's another kinda-touted pitcher in the Yankee minor leagues. He was at White Plains this last weekend, signing stuff. Did anyone go and get ink from him?

All in all, 2 fun breaks to start my group break career. Thanks, Thorzul! By the way, he's got his January break open, and I think he's still got about 5 spots in it, last I checked, so get in there!

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