Monday, January 31, 2011

"It's a major award!"

While it wasn't a lamp shaped like a fishnetted leg, this Mantle card, which won me this Community Gum pack lottery contest a week or so back, arrived on Friday along with the rest of my winnin's, and I couldn't be prouder of it. Well, if it had been a Mariano Rivera, I could've, but still, I guessed the number of RBI and the number on the print run, and came within 7 players of nailing a 2 box prize here, so Mick took pretty good care of me! Anyway, onto the other stuff.

With my second entry, I guessed Carl Crawford, and actually came within 4 on the print run number with him, too. It's gonna be so weird seeing him in a Boston uniform in a few weeks.
I got another Mick, this one numbered to 25. Even in this oddball of a set (which I love), there can't be too many of those around.

Ditto for Capt. Intangibles here, though this is obviously a much higher achievement number, 214 hits and all. I didn't see any of these designs on the cards I'd gotten previously, though, so it was cool to add 'em to the M&M pile.

Those Community Gum fellers ran a little short on Yankees, so they threw some cards from other guys on my want list into my winnings, including this mean lookin' card of Doc...

...this rather awesome Smoltzie (with an awesome background)...

...and this absolutely dynamite Jim Thome card.

Oh, and I got this swell auto of Ross "Scott's Still In Denial About Collecting My Cards" Ohlendorf. Yeah, it's a sticker, but they did this cool embeddy/recessy thing with the sticker that made it much cooler. Plus, I've wanted an Ohlendorf auto since he was with the Yanks.

Thanks again for the cards, Community Gum fellers, and for running such awesome contests of late!


  1. Are you sure that's Ohlendorf on the auto card?

  2. Weird pic of him, yeah, but there's no reference to it being an error card anywhere that I could find within a minute or so, and there are pics of him on the mound with a similar facial expression elsewhere. The auto matches others I've seen, if you're referring to that rather than the picture.


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